Big Brother 2013 Launch Night (Spoilers)

Launch night info as it happens

Everything you want to know about launch night can be found here.
Click “Read more” if you want to get spoiled.

We’ll update this post as we receive news and information from the compound. In the mean time, join the discussion on the forums


That’s the last of the updpates from us. Join us on the forums for further discussion. Don’t forget, Big Brother starts on Channel 9, Monday 29th July at 7:00pm.

One last picture to wrap up:

BB2013 launch-set


Jade and Caleb are the two people who are yet to enter the house.


Clarification: There are currently 12 housemates in the house right now. Opening titles during recording indicated there will be 16 housemates.

On Tuesday night there will be a further 2 housemates entering the house. These two housemates will be “married, but have never met”… possibly part of the twist?

Housemates are currently split down the middle of the house. One side of the house is the luxury house and the other side is a “halfway house”.


Those in the luxury house are: Ben, Sharon and Tim + 3 more?
Those in the half way house are: Mikkayla, Tully, Tahan, Xavier and Matt + one more

There’s 6 in each side of the house, separated by a fence in the back yard and lounge (the fence in the lounge is sort of like glass bars), separate diary rooms and bedrooms. The halfway house has no bathroom and they have to do luxury house’s washing. The luxury house controls what food the halfway house receive and the halfway house can’t eat until the luxury house has finished.

thanks nick027 for the update


Filming has definitely stopped. 12 housemates have entered the house with 2 more to follow on Tuesday. Those 2 will be those “who are married but have never met”.

During filming, each housemate had to pick a key and that determined if they were in the “luxury house” or the “half way house”. Thanks nick027 for the update.


We are receiving conflicting reports now that 10 housemates have entered the house plus 4 more housemates have been seperated from the main house. The seperated housemates are those that have have been shown during promotions this week, Ben, Tahan, Sharon and Matt.
Note: These are conflicting reports that we are receiving. We will endeavour to get this cleared up as soon as possible.


We are under the impression that recording has now stopped. Still no news on what “The Twist” is. We are extracting our insider from the auditorium to get some info as soon as possible.


12 housemates have entered but BBBA has received 14 names, one wonders if the remaining two housemates will be entering on Tuesday night?


According to OS, the twelth and final housemate for tonight has entered the house.


According to OS, housemate 10, female, has entered the house

9:50 pm

Another view of the new Eviction set

BB2013 Ampitheatre


According to BB Live Stream, there are now 8 housemates in the house.
Housemate 8 is a single male.


BBBA can exclusively reveal the names of housemates and the states where they are from:

Ben – QLD
Caleb – VIC
Drew – VIC
Heidi – NSW
Jade – NSW
Jasmin – VIC
Matt – QLD
Mikkayla – NSW
Sharon – SA/VIC
Tahan – VIC/NT
Tim – NSW
Tully – NSW
Xavier – VIC


and we are back from another server crashed. Stay tuned, because Behind Big Brother has been provided with housemate names and states from where they are from. We will post very shortly.


Regrettably we aren’t getting much info, even the OS live tweets have stopped. Hopefully we’ll get more info soon.


Has our forum members found housemate Tully (on the right)? Tully has gone on Australia’s Next Top Model and was involved in Madri Gra 2012 and she is from Sydney, NSW. Thanks daveo for the research!



The Twins, Alisa and Lysandra, win The Block… oops, sorry, wrong show.

It has been advised security is really tight and keeping a close eye on people using their phones or any object in their lap ;)



Frizzy hair belongs to Jasmin from VIC, glasses belong to Sharon from SA/Vic. The shaved hair on the right most likely belongs to Ben from QLD.



Latest information received is that the female housemate that has entered is named Tully and she’s from NSW.


First male housemate enters the house. No name yet.



Left eye belongs to Mikkayla from NSW. Nose ring belongs to either Tully or Drew.



and we are back Take 2. Kudos to VentraIP for rebooting the site.


and we are back! Wouldn’t be launch night without a server crash


The first female housemate enters the house, quoting “Oh my gosh”, classic BB opening line. Pic thanks to BBOS.



Filming starts! Sonia comes out doing “The Twist”! Who would’ve guessed?! lol


Filming is scheduled to start now however we have not received any confirmation from the crowd.


Auditorium gates have now closed. Anybody who hasn’t shown up has now forfeited their seats.

Crowd promos continue.


Photo of the plank has been leaked



Mikey G is trying to get the crowd into the mood to do the twist. Big Brother is planning on filming a crowd promo soon.


Users seated in the auditorium have described the stage lighting to be “purple” with a huge Big Brother eye displayed at the back of the stage.  (No surprise)


It appears Alex Mavroidakis has incontinence problems as he tweets that the first housemate has now arrived at Dreamworld



We’ve been told that only Gold seats have been allowed into the auditorium. People seated in Silver are still lined up. Phones are to be shown to be turned off upon entering the auditorium.



We’ve been told that every single bag is being thoroughly searched. Anybody caught using a mobile phone during launch will be escorted out by security. There will be no warnings.


It appears Big Brother is feeling generous. Gates have already opened due to inclement weather and people are being seated.


There’s life at Dreamworld Studios!

BB2013 launch line queue


Still no sign of people lining up. Is the taping actually on tonight?


People start lining up, woo!

(We haven’t seen any tweets yet to confirm people are lining up, so we are just going to assume :p)


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