The Launch

It’s a new year with new credits. The new hosts each come out onto the stage telling us that it’s a whole new game and things are going to be very different. In fact, the housemates will be asked to make an extremely tough decision later tonight. Kyle cuts to a clip package of some people that didn’t quite make the grade.

Neil Evans from Centrebet is even there to provide tips and odds throughout the night as well. Kyle then tells us that the housemates are in their own little cubicle out the back. We get to see them all for a couple of seconds each, Terri gets a cheer, Rima gets a lot of cheering and also Kyle decides he likes a blonde housemate. Enough of that, we’re off to the house with Jackie O. The combi van is there as expected, the pool has a hot and cold part, there’s some fake animals around, the washing up area is all outside and there is a door with clouds on it, that Jackie says is important but won’t be introduced until later in the series. And then there’s inside – but for the moment it’s off limits for us and also for the housemates. After the break, we meet our first housemate!

Back from the break, Jackie tells us that each housemate must leave behind a cherished item. They might get it back, they might not, it’s at Big Brother’s discretion. Anyway, first housemate is Terri and they throw to her clip package. She thinks it only takes one good parent to take care of children, not two pissweak ones! She comes out on stage and seems very nervous. She says she wanted to come on the show to show everyone that shes not really a cranky old woman and she’s actually a nice lady. Kyle notices the doll that Terri is carrying and that’s obviously her treasured item. She gets a last farewell from her grandson and then is whisked away towards the house.

Straight onto the second housemate – Saxon. He goes to the same spot every weekend to see if a UFO he once saw will every appear again. He’s obsessed with UFO’s it seems. He walks down amongst the crowd onto the stage. He has a gold necklace as his treasured item, so he gives it to the hosts, and he too is on his way.

We now go down to the house where Terri is the first to enter the house. She wanders around a bit, looking very confused and nervous. She admires the sunscreen under the sink. Kyle then tells us that an eviction is pending tonight! Commercial break!

We’re back and now it’s Travis’s turn to get into the house. Jackie is down there for a last minute interview, and he goes in after getting checked by security one last time. In he goes, and says hello to Terri. They exchange names. Terri is simply sitting on the sing. Saxon reckons they can have a bit of champagne. Terri says he has a lot of tattoos, a lot of gold, and he must have some cash! Soon after Terri is showing her muscles in her arm! Now we’re off for a tour of the house.

Diary room chair is whiteish with some purple and pink squares behind them. Couch is in the shape of a question mark, the dining roon table has a conveyor belt, there is a glass wall which is frosted but will tempt housemates in time, the bed is huge but only one big massive bed and they will have to sleep head to toe. In the bathroom each have a locker, but they all have a false back so BB can steal items if they want to.

Next housemate time, it’s Bianca! She has big breasts, lets be honest. She says everyone notices. She thinks it’ll be strange for other housemates to live with her. She comes out on stage! Kyle acts as if he can’t talk. Bianca says that her chest is a curse. She goes onto say that’s shes too honest for her own good, and when asked if she’ll be sun baking, she says she won’t because of creepy old men like Kyle. Her treasured item is her dogs collar, and she is sad to leave it behind!

Back to the house for a sec to see and Terri and Saxon are indeed talking about UFO’s. It’s time for Bianca to enter now – Terri thinks shes absolutely gorgeous. Saxon is loving it! Back with the hosts, they allude to the fact that housemates might well be locked outside overnight. Commercial break!

We’re back to the house and Terri and Saxon seem to be by themselves again – great editing there. They check out the combi van and Terri says she won’r be making out during this experience.

Next housemate is Nobbi. He came to Australia at age of 4. He likes playing Poker, he loves doing his daily boxing routine. He says he’s going to struggle because he can’t bring as much product for his face/hair that he would like too. Out he comes anyway. He has a towel with him, and says he sleeps with it. Nobbi thinks he won’t like many of the chicks, he thinks they will be all bitchy. He says he is shattered when told he must leave the towel behind. Off he goes to the house.

Back at the house, Bianca is saying something about her dad supporting her, when Nobbi walks in. After introductions he explains his real name, and says it’s best to call him Nobbi. Back at the stage, here comes the blonde Paris wannabe. She says that people think shes shallow, but she thinks she is really nice. She says there are some good men out there, but they are very hard to find. She doesn’t care if she doesn’t have makeup. It’s Brigitte. She’s very nervous when she comes out on stage. She says she wants some good friends and a great experience; she’s not looking for love. Her treasured item is a bracelet that her mother gave her. She hands them over and off to the house she goes. Commercial break!

Back from the break – Big Brother goes through the usual rules, however there is no rewards room. At the end, obviously Big Brother reveals the right to change the rules at any time. Kyle and Jackie tell us that there is a eviction tonight and they will have to stay outside overnight. Inside the house the blonde Barbie goes. She says she is very nervous, almost stressing. After introductions Brigitte says she needs a drink. Nobbi thinks that she was stressing in the booth next to her. Terri wonders if she has a shorter dress; audience laughs.

Next housemate is a doctor, Alice. She’s blonde and wearing a white dress down to the stage through the audience. She loves animals. She says she gets her arm into cow’s bottoms almost on a daily basis. Alice says she does hate spiders. Alice is single, and never says never to love. Her treasured item is a dead organism, and Kyle tells her to leave it behind and to wait out the back because she’ll be with the next housemate.

It’s Travis’s turn – Kyle says “Travis it’s time to come out of the closet.” Funny stuff. He has two ducks, a bird, a budgie and a horse called Thunder. Thunder is the best horse in the world. He reckons he has a great workout routine. His job is a marketing co-ordinator. Interesting. He says he gets called a woman all the time on the phone. He says he isn’t gay. He says everyone should be who they want to be. Onto stage he comes, and it looks like his treasured item is a book. Kyle doesn’t believe that’s his real voice. He says there is nothing wrong with it, and Travis loves it, so that’s all that matters. He says that nothing fazes him all that much. He says he is ready for a relationship, and age is no barrier! The book is actually the bible – he doesn’t like giving it up. He gives Jackie a hug and is on his way.

The hosts tell us that we’re at the halfway point of the show, so it’s off to the betting ring for an update. Terri is at long odds, Saxon is at longer, Bianca is at $12, Nobbi is at $16 while poor Brigitte is at $51. Alice is in front of Travis. Brigitte wonders if it’s real grass; Bianca explains that it’s Astroturf. Commercial break.

Back from the break with Jackie outside the house alongside Alice and Travis. Travis is apparently scared of the dark. Alice is pumped to go into the house. Onto security, and eventually into the house. Actually no, Travis hugs Jackie again. Cheers all around as introductions are made. Saxon watches on with a smirk. Travis asks Brigitte about her voice and whether she got a hard time on stage! Terri comes up to Travis and asks something about a butt.

Next housemate is Rory. He wants a wife and kids, and a mistress on the side. He wants to make his money early and then enjoy life going round the country pub by pub. Up onto the stage Rory comes. Jackie says that Rory once entered a manhunt in just a g-string. He has a small wooden cabinet as his treasured item.

Back at the house, Travis, Bianca & Brigitte are checking out the herb garden. Rory makes an entrance. Terri reckons he is tall. Rory reckons he’s going to forget everyone’s name; he says he’s terrible.

Housemate number 9, it’s a tomboy. She plays footy and greatly admires her mum. She says she is a laid back chick, but hates dishonest people. She talks really really fast. It’s Renee. She says she is very excited about going in. She says she loves her job (she works at an abattoir) and wouldn’t change anything. She says she doesn’t like the princess girls who take forever to get ready. She has bought along her blanket from home. She drops that off, and she’s off to the house to join the others. Commercial break.

Come back to a clip of Kyle in the house last year refusing to take off his house. Hosts through to Renee entering the house. She says she too won’t remember names. Introductions all round. Seems to be getting on with Rory already.

Back with Kyle, it’s time for something a little different. It’s Rima. She says she has a condition in regards to her height, but is a normal person. She has a husband Carl. They have small tables in their house. She says she is very honest, but luckily hasn’t got a black eye yet! She says she is just 1 metre tall. She isn’t scared of anything! She swears but it’s bleeped out. Kyle bends down beside her, then brings her husband out for the last goodbye. She says she might do some belly dancing inside the house. Kyle says that Rima will be the only married housemate in the house this year. Off she goes.

Straight down to the house. “This is Big Brother, Rory and Brigitte move away from the door and pull up your pants!” Rima enters and introductions all around. Terri loves her. Kyle says that the FNL crew are pumped for the show this week; they cut to the arena where Bree and Mike are. They explain that FNL will be better than ever this year, and Fitzy comes on being the idiot he is saying they better get ready. Mike explains that FNL is 4 nights away. Meanwhile, just before the break, Terri take Rima aside and says that she might not be able to reach the toilet seat. Rima says if she can’t she’ll just talk to BB!

Kyle tells us that the KFC sponsorship is back and you have the chance to win a cool $10,000. Onto housemate 11 now. He says he just scraped through school with a 96.1 TER. He makes himself out to be an outstanding student. He says that he hates slow walkers. He says he’s not doing too badly with the female kind. Ben comes down onto the stage. He says he has the ability to keep his shirt on, rather than take it off. He says he likes to take the piss out of people. He has a photo of his dog that recently passed away, but he puts that on the shelf with the rest of the mementos and off to the house he goes. Straight away he walks in and meets everyone.

Housemate number 12 is Dixie. She loves tomato sauce, but not tomatoes. She says that Aboriginal politics is very important to her. She says she sings the national anthem whenever it’s played. Onto the stage she ventures saying “Oh my gosh, there’s so many people.” She’s never had a boyfriend; maybe she’ll find love inside the house. Her possession is a beanie from her grandmother. She says she’s had it for years and loves it. She leaves it behind, and off to the house she trots. Jackie says that Renee knows Dixie.

Cut to the house where Dixie walks in. They obviously know each other and seem to not hate each other, so that’s a good start. She introduces herself to everyone else. She seems very nice actually this Dixie. Commercial break.

We’re back for the last two housemates. Number 13 is Rebecca, who is a personal trainer by the sounds of it. She says he doesn’t shower without thongs on, and she doesn’t dislike fat people. She works as a barmaid in bikinis and lingerie. She says she wants to move onto bigger and better things now. She is quite attractive. She says she’s a perfectionist. She has a monkey given to her by her sister. Into the house and off the stage for her.

Onto the last housemate, David, who was part of a cult. He says he could never go out and do whatever he wanted, he never kissed girls and never went to the movies. He says he escaped from that life but can now not contact his family who are still in the church cult. He says he was married, but divorced now. He believes in god still, and wants to be happy and not miserable. He comes out onto the stage through the crowd, getting some good cheers. He says leaving the cult was a huge decision for him, but he’s happy he made that choice. Jackie says that his family wouldn’t even know he’s on this show because they don’t watch TV. He has a Canberra Raiders jumper as his memento and exits stage left. He’ll go into the house in just a minute. Commercial break.

Jackie is back at the entrance to the house with David and Rebecca. David doesn’t care how long he is in there, he just wants the experience. They finally are allowed in. Nobbi and Renee are talking on the swing about boyfriends and girlfriends. Renee says she is just seeing someone who is stuffing up her head. Rebecca and David enter and the last introductions for a while. Travis makes a joke about giving Rebecca a hug or a shake of the hand. Over to the bookie who thinks Ben and Rima will be right in the mix as well as Fireman Dave.

Back to the house, Big Brother is about to spoil the party. “Housemates, welcome. It will not have escaped your attention that the house is out of bounds. Your first surprise for BB08 is a bad one. Every year housemates spend many days speculating about who will be first to go. This year, Big Brother has decided to resolve this issue a lot earlier. Housemates, you must decide to evict a housemate by sunrise tomorrow. One of you must go. You will decide amongst yourselves who to evict. Housemates, take this decision very seriously. This is not a twist, take it seriously. Housemates, this is the first of several snap evictions. Good luck, and good night.”

Back at the stage Kyle likes the twist. Jackie says that the process will all be out in the open so it’ll be exciting viewing.

In the house, Brigitte asks if anyone really doesn’t want to be there. Nobbi says that everyone will simply have to vote. Travis says the sooner you decide the quicker we get into the house. David says he wants something to eat before his experience is over!

Jackie tells us that next Sunday they’ll send the 3 most popular housemates. Live streaming will start after Tuesday’s daily show to preserve the eviction secret. Dreamworld says goodnight.