Day 1

10:39pm: Big Brother tells housemates that there is no other house and that the person they choose to evict will indeed leave never to return. Rory says that everyone should just try to relax a bit and talk amongst themselves for a little while.

Rory later talks to Rebecca and Travis – he says he think that’s he’ll either vote for Rima or Terri. Rory says that he can’t see it working properly with the small Rima with tasks and challenges. Rebecca says that she likes his way of thinking it out.

Meanwhile David checks out the taped up house, talking to another female housemate about whether it’s the gate to Friday night live or actually the house proper.

Over at the pool Ben says that if they vote in front of each other no one will be disrespectful during the process. The girls in the actual pool are talking about breast implants. Brigitte says that she regrets getting hers.

Rory is still thinking about evicting Terri. Travis and Dixie talk about the eviction and Dixie says she is going to vote for the person that will annoy here the most. A few housemates check out the Combi van. Back at the pool, Travis tells Dixie that he is glad that there isn’t a bully in the house. He says he was bullied at a previous workplace. Saxon and David are wondering what the house looks like, they both hope that they make it inside.

Rima shows one of the female housemates how to do a bit of a belly dance. Most of the other housemates watch on and laugh. Commercial break.

2:16am: Dixie and Rima talk about evicting Brigitte. Dixie says shes too much of a bimbo for her to spend 3 months with her.

Housemates take turns telling each other why they should stay. Saxon says he has a unique point of view on things, Bianca is not a typical 18 year old and isn’t like people think she is and she wants to show this to Australia, Nobbi says he’s a lot of fun and energy, Brigitte says she’s always happy and she wants to show that she’s not a bimbo and nice and she’ll cook everyone food! Travis is up next, saying that he wants to win and he has a point to proof and stereotypes to challenge, Rory says he will bring a lot of controversy and joy and stupidity to the place. Renee, the tomboy, says she doesn’t know. She says she came in on a dare and she’s simply winging it. She says no one wants to leave, and she hopes it isn’t her, Rima says she wants to stay because everyone thinks the most interesting thing about her is her height, which isn’t the case and she has much more too offer. Ben thinks he can bring a bit of intelligence to the house, saying he’s a law student (then realizing it sounded terrible) before saying he lives at home and doesn’t want to go back there just yet. David says he is older and wiser than most and he can bring some fun, yet also be serious, and then says he’ll clean toilets and make the bed for the first two weeks.

Later, Nobbi says to Saxon and Ben that he’ll probably vote for the oldest, Ben says that he sees right through David and thus he’ll be voting for him.

Big Brother announces that the sun will rise in 15 minutes and they must make their decisions then. Commercial break.

5:57am: Big Brother gathers the housemates in front of the cloud room in the backyard. Big Brother tells them that the sun has risen, and therefore it’s time to vote to evict. The order in which to vote, is up to the housemates. They decide to go left to right on the plank they are sitting on. Rebecca is up first, she votes for Ben because he didn’t have as much communication as the rest of the group. David chooses to evict Ben because he didn’t communicate enough throughout the night. Terri chooses Nobbi because he was too touchy feely with her. Bianca evicts Nobbi for the same reason as Terri. Rima chooses Brigitte because she doesn’t connect with her at all and nothing in common. Brigitte is close to tears. Travis evicts Rory because he thinks they will be safe. Renee does the dog act of evicting someone they think is safe and picks David. Alice is up next and chooses Ben for his personality. Brigitte chooses Rima for the same reasons as Rima said for . Ben has three votes, Nobbi has two. Commercial break.

6:11am: Up next is Nobbi who votes for Terri and says that he discussed it with others earlier. Ben votes Terri as well because she reminds him of his mum. Saxon votes for Terri because they have nothing in common. Rory votes for Terri. Terri is really quite upset but hold her heads up high. Dixie votes for Brigitte, meaning that Terri is the person to be evicted from the house on the first morning.

Big Brother reveals that the first evictee is Terri. She says she didn’t even get in the bloody house. Rory says he feels bad but it had to happen. Terri says that she didn’t want Ben to go so she’s half pleased he is staying, even though Ben voted for her. Big Brother tells her to go via the door on the stage. She leaves the compound. Commercial break.

6:46am: Brigitte is talking to Nobbi and Bianca and is a bit peeved that she was nominated for being a bit ditzy. Bianca says that when she first saw her she thought “oh no!” but changed her opinion after listening to her for a bit. Brigitte says she was the same when her hair used to be Brown as well! Saxon says that it would be a terrible way to go to Rima. Rima says that she would be devastated, but you can’t take it personally.

Big Brother interrupts and congratulates them on surviving the snap eviction, and tells them they are free to enter the house. A roller door goes up and in they go. Diary room isn’t open yet, but Breakfast is served on the dining room. A few check out the bed and can’t believe it! Brigitte is jumping on the bed. Nobbi heads to the bathroom, Rima says the bedroom is hot. The boys decide that it’s time for breakfast. Seems there might be a few people wanting to sleep on the edge of the bed. They soon realise that there isn’t much of a kitchen. They soon discover it’s the conveyor belt on the dining room table. Most are deciding to eat some food and tuck into some food. Commercial break.

7:26am: Ben, David and Saxon are washing up. Ben says he is sorry because he obviously didn’t get to meet everyone. He says he wasn’t expecting to receive Rebecca’s vote though. David says you can’t take it to heart.

Ben comes to the diary room. He says that he’s going well, actually knackered. He says that he got a bit complacent and took the game for granted and almost got evicted. He says he was a bit angry with the reasons given for his nominations but he’s now just angry with himself.

Saxon and Nobbi relax on some chairs in the sun. Nobbi reckons Alice and Rory will hookup for sure! Nobbi says he’s not attracted to any of them. Saxon says that he thinks Rebecca is sexy, and Brigitte isn’t that bad either. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Rebecca and Brigitte are talking hair extensions.

Back to Ben, he says that he is wary of David and he thinks that he has a dark side. Outside the guys are wondering if David is in fact a nice guy or not. Nobbi thinks he is and they should give him the benefit of the doubt. In the diary room, Ben says that he can see the fake approaches working already, and he’s thankful for the eviction because it’s got him into gear and given him a wake up call. He goes outside and talks to Saxon and Nobbi. Nobbi says that Ben shouldn’t let anything to get to him. Ben says that David is just being nice to people face to face but then nominates him, so he’s going to be very wary of him.