First look at finished house

UPDATED: Tropical resort-themed yard

It is day zero in the Big Brother house and we can reveal the theme of the backyard this year.

Big Brother through the official Facebook page and newly recoloured official website have been teasing us with close up photos of the house, suggesting BB is “feeling a little wooden this year”.

BB2012 50's KitchenThanks to Mediaweek, we now have an early insight into the overall look of this year’s outside yard – something reminiscent of a tropical resort theme. Long gone is last year’s 50’s themed kitchen (pictured right).

This year’s twist is expected to involve a haves and have-nots, rich and poor division – and no doubt the theme of the backyard plays a part in Big Brother’s overall twist plan.

BB2013 House Yard

BB2013 House Yard - Alt Angle

BB2013 House BedroomMeanwhile, from a photo supplied during a Big Brother media dry-run (shown right), the bedroom appears to be smaller than what we’ve become used to from previous series. One of the walls of the bedroom features floor to ceiling mirrors, not the typical seamless one-way mirror used for the camera runs. We think this may have something to do with the expected division twist. One theory suggested by Behind Big Brother member tw2g is the possibility of a second bedroom that will merge through removal of this wall later in the series.

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Thanks to Bob and tw2g.

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