The Shire want in

Washed up stars desperate to be on Big Brother

Two of the trashiest stars from Network Ten’s The Shire are so desperate to be on this year’s season of Big Brother, they’ve started contacting producers about the controversy and “fun” they could cause in the house.

Our source tell us ‘Beckaa’ and ‘Kris’ (freshly released from their Network Ten commitments) originally auditioned for Big Brother this year but were unsuccessful, but may Kris was asked whether or not he would be interested in appearing as an intruder. He declined, but is now scraping the self promotion barrel and has proposed to producers that he and Beckaa come on as intruders together.

Both have also hinted at a “big secret” that they would be willing to reveal on the show.

Beckaa recently updated her Facebook status:


Based on what we saw on The Shire, it’s fair to say she may have slipped on the keyboard and meant to type #bbausb!tch.

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