Bingo… Surly is dying, again.

Pufferfish under extreme stress, just keep being replaced

It may have looked cute when Surly puffed up in last night’s daily show, but it’s a sign the fish is under extreme stress.

During last night’s bingo game with Estelle and Zoe, Surly kept bobbing against the side of the fish tank, and halfway through the game puffed up to double his size. We’ve received numerous emails, forum posts and tweets from concerned viewers.

Pufferfish only puff up when they feel threatened and are under extreme stress. Here’s an excerpt from

“When Puffers puff up they are not sucking air they are actually sucking in water and it is extremely stressful for their bodies because the water is flatting out all their organs and sometimes they cant deflate themselves which causes them to die. When you see that it means that they are very stressed out.”

We’ve already reported that the Surly fish has been replaced more than 5 times already because they keep dying or getting sick.

The Surly fish pictured in last night’s daily show was yet again completely different to previous Surlys. See below for a comparison.

Behind Big Brother user Reni’s Mum posted “I’m pretty sure we watched yet another Surly die tonight during the bingo scene. Puffer fish only puff up when they are in trouble because puffing up is very bad for their health. Surly puffed up, struggled to release the water, then his eyes went milky and he sank to the bottom of the tank. BB called for a recess to, I’m guessing, remove him and replace him.”

The voice of Surly is provided by Executive Producer Alex Mavroidasdfjwefj and he frequently tweets about upcoming Surly appearances. It’s left us wondering just how many fish the producers plan to go through.

Here’s Surly in last night’s daily show (no spots):

And here’s Surly from day 22 (had three spots on his body). There’s also been many other Surlys.

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