Channel Nine shuffles BB schedule

Removes BB content from GO!

Big Brother 2012 eye

Big Brother 2012 eyeUpdate: The axing of the Sunday daily show is effective immediately, not from 2 September as previously reported.

The weekly schedule for Big Brother has been shuffled by Channel Nine after the very average ratings for ‘Big Brother Confidential’.

  • Big Brother Confidential has been moved to 8pm Thursdays. It will initially air for 30 minutes but our sources say Nine will consider extending it to 60 minutes if it performs well.
  • The Sunday night daily show on GO! has been cancelled completely. Footage from Friday and Saturday will now be shown during the eviction on Sunday. This change will begin from Sunday 2 September immediately.
  • Daily shows will be permanently extended to 60 minutes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (unless ratings significantly decline).
  • No daily show on Saturday.

The Big Brother schedule still includes a giant gap for MA content, as no shows screen late enough to include nudity or adult themes. Be sure to join our email campaign to Bring Back Uplate. We’ve already sent more than 600 emails to Channel Nine on behalf of fans who want Uplate returned.

As part of their agreement with the production company, Channel Nine have bought a certain number of ‘Big Brother hours’ which they can use as they see fit. Here’s how the schedule is looking over the next week:

Sunday: Daily Show 6pm on GO! (30 mins) and eviction on Nine (60 mins).
Monday: Nominations show (90 mins)
Tuesday: Daily show (60 mins)
Wednesday: Daily show (60 mins)
Thursday: Daily show (60 mins) then BB Confidential (30 mins)
Friday: Daily show (30 mins)

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