Day 12

Footage from the Sunday eviction show.

6.14pm – Ryan has been called to the diary room as a distraction while the other housemates all scrambled to get dressed up for his surprise birthday party. Big Brother tells Ryan to put a suit and get ready – there’s a lit dressing table in the diary room. The theme for the party is “glamor”, the girls must dress as Hollywood starlets and the boys are paparazzi. Ryan dresses as himself.

In the kitchen the housemates find Ryan’s cake – it has a shirtless photo of Ryan on the top. “That’s exactly what he would love”. Ryan starts to leave the diary room with his shirt and suit jacket open, and Big Brother reminds him “don’t forget to strut”.

He enters the backyard and is met with cheers and party poppers. Bradley the paparazzo asks “Ryan are the rumours about you and Estelle true?”, the two of them pose for a photograph. There’s a group photo.

The housemates have noticed Layla has been paying a lot of attention to George. Zoe also likes him, and said to Angie:

Zoe: “and I said if you’re keen as she is then it’s on like Donkey-Kong and he gave me a big smile and is like yesss”

Layla asks what are they talking about, “nothing”. Layla replies “oh, so it’s about me?”

9.07pm – The housemates are gathered in the living room and are shown Ryan’s “portfolio” on the plasma. It’s all shots of him shirtless. Stacey says “were you eating carbs then Ryan? I see a bit of a crease up the… you know, just saying you could be a bit skinner babes”. The housemate all holler at the shirtless photos. Benjamin looks very impressed. Michael asks Ryan to reenact one of the poses from the photo. He flops down on the ground and gives a sleazy look. Michael then asks Ryan to do a surprised Zoolander look in the mirror. The housemates “oooo”.

George: “he looked right in my soul”

9.42pm – In the bathroom the girls are gossiping and Layla tells Angie she can’t believe her and Zoe were talking about her earlier. Angie explains what the situation is and Layla doesn’t look all that impressed. Benjamin, who is now wearing a dress asks what is going on but the girls tell him not to worry.

Ben: “why don’t I get to know? I’m a woman now!”

12.37am – In the bedroom Michael tells George to go spoon Layla, all the housemates laugh. Layla goes and joins George under their doona. The lights go down. In the dark the two start kissing. They then spoon and George kisses Layla’s neck.

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