Tell Nine to bring back Uplate!

Let Channel Nine know you want Uplate to return using our quick email petition below.

The Big Brother house is filmed 24/7, but you only see 22 minutes of footage each day. That’s not enough to cover all sides of the action, and all sides of the housemates’ personalities.

We’re calling all Big Brother fans (that’s you) to let Channel Nine know you want ‘Uplate’ to return to your television with two hours of live streaming late on weeknights.

Use the quick-email form below to petition Michael Healy, Director of Programming at Channel Nine. We want people power to show Mr Healy there’s a big audience waiting to tune in for Big Brother Uplate.

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A few quick notes:

Why aren’t you asking for internet feeds?
We have to be realistic about what we request from Channel Nine. Broadcasting ‘Uplate’ has benefits both for the network and viewers. Channel Nine have made it very clear that Big Brother 2012 is family friendly, and internet streaming is not compatible with a family friendly show.

Why aren’t you asking for Friday Night Live?
The games area next to the house has been demolished, so it’s actually physically impossible to bring back Friday Night Live this season.

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