Day 13

Footage from the Sunday eviction show.

Layla is worried her kiss with George last night will backfire while she’s nominated. She tells Angie she’s not sure if the kiss will be a one off.

In the kitchen Benjamin asks if it’s wrong he finds that Layla and Angie drive him insane. Sarah says no she can’t stand the two of them either. She explains when Zoe first entered the house she had the biggest crush on George, and now she doesn’t (because Layla walked in, Benjamin finishes the sentence). Layla knew this is how it was but didn’t care about Zoe’s intentions.

Ben: “I kinda feel like they’re the witches of Eastwick trying to latch onto these boys anyway they can”.

Later it’s family dinner time and Bradley brings up the topic of alliances in the house. He’s talking about the “original crew” who came in on the first night (him and Josh) and how they have a slight rift with the others who came later. He rubs Ben on the shoulder and says “we just don’t like them as much as the others”.

It seems to be a joke but Ben reacts instantly by throwing a whole glass of water in Bradley’s face. They both smile at each other and Ben says “I don’t know how much I can take”. Bradley responds with “that’s commitment to a joke”. The other housemates don’t really know what to say. Angie says Ben’s actions weren’t being a joke. Bradley laughs it off.

It’s later in the night, Benjamin asks Bradley “are you not speaking to me?”.

“Oh, no I wasn’t sure if you were speaking to me”.

“I think, to be honest, like I’ve watched in lots of situations of the moment where you’re being rude to people and it’s really bothering me. I sincerely apologise for throwing a glass of water in your face because I didn’t do it to be funny Bradley I did it because I was upset. And it’s like I honestly believe in lots of way the other housemates are provoking you to be a way that you aren’t truly are. I do. You now think it’s funny to be rude to people and it’s not. When I first met you you weren’t like this. I just hope that you stop being so… I don’t know. Unaware of other people’s feelings. Like I just watch you doing it to people all the time and I’m like why are you being so unaware. Like did you think I would not be upset when you said that at the table?”

“It was a joke”

“Yeah I know it’s a joke but how … it’s not my job to teach you this but how are you supposed to work out what the difference between a joke is and what’s actually hurting some one’s feelings. Like how are you supposed to work that out, if you can’t work out what’s a joke and what’s not that seems really weird to me.”

Bradley is shocked. He responds with “okay… I’ll take that onboard”.

Benjamin walks away, leaving Bradley in silence.

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