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I just read the overview/synopsis for season 4 eppy 1 and can't find any 'big shock'... unless you mean the arrival of the electric beater (*gasp*...?) It all just seemed to be more of the same to me.
You are quite right SeanE, she's now on episode 2 and still no Big Shock. I must admit that I do know what it is but haven't spoiled it for her and it hasn't happened yet.

Maybe the UK & US "big shock" episode was a double episode and it happens towards the end of SO4E02 ... will soon know. lol.

Today I ..." think these lasses are friggin brilliant and they certainly remind me of how far I've yet to go on the fiddle thingo !


lurv that celtic/Irish hi-lo triplet lilt thingo that is done on the fiddle. Hard to describe but basically goes da(da)-da(da)-da(da)-da(da) (there is one at 2:14 and another at 2:20 and near double one at 2:40) here and there. Gotta learn to master that one.

Adit, aww, even better ... skyrim land. I'm in tears and LSCP is laughing at me. lol


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Today I ..." am still fiddling ... and wanna share this bit of fiddle contrast

The Gothard Sisters and she of Skyrim song fame, Lindsey Stirling


[youtubevid]1A3i0GATnRI [/youtubevid]

sigh, why oh why has it taken me til near 51 before I truly learned of this kind of music and style.

tell you what, there is still so much in this world that can make me weep ... in joy and appreciation.

wish Lindsey would down a few hamburgers and large fries though.

Adit. LSCP has just finished episode2 of season 4, still no Big Shock.

Maybe it was at the end of season. lol.

damn, I guess that means I've lost her for the next few evenings.

oh well, there is always the Gothard sisters, Lindsey, and my electric fiddlin. :D

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the devil went down to york ...

ok, one more ... and words fail me other than "wow". lol


ADIT is episode 3 the Big Shock episode ? there has been talk of a singer singing a certain song ... could be close now !

adit++ had to wake LSCP up for it. lol++

yup, it is the Big Shock episode.

not as shocking as The Wedding (episode 9) in last season of GOT mind you.

nasty stuff though. :(

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Hey there Melly....Why are you sharing shitloads of stuff here, yet not with your FB mates? Or is it just me? :(

Jokes, I know I've been on hols, but I still had internet! xxx


Does anyone know where you can buy those neck coolers/chillers? Ball kids had them at the tennis.

I have found them online, but I want a physical store I can go to. Kathmandu has them for $12.
There seem to be 2 types, both sound like a necessary accessory if you are going to survive the never ending heat.

There are some very strange things available online aren't there. You can get chiller bras, chiller hats,ha, ha.
Wonder if they have undies, shoes/socks would be good???


I saw some at a market, but I'd think a place like BCF could help you.
Thanks Megan, nice to see you, how's everything? Are you getting much sleep?

Markets of course, what is BCF, will google thanks we don't have BCF here -well yes we do, who knew!

Have been searching the outdoorsy places, and thought maybe some chemists as a possibility, people use them for headaches.


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Hi kxk, nice to see you! He sleeps pretty much through the night, has done since he was 3 weeks old (from 9-7) :) day sleeps are up and down though, for example today he had a total of 30 mins :-/ oh well. Some days are worse than others, some days are great! Still thinking he will be our only though, my pregnancy was horrible and I don't think I can repeat that.

I hope you're doing well!

BCF has become one of my favourite stores lol!


I loathe sport on TV...

Pencils by Marat Mycheals
Inks by Adelso Corona
Colour by me

For Zenescope April 2014 now available in previews. This is Dracula


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I have about 6 of those neck cooler things - cooldana was one name.
alli, do they work well?

Hi Moony & Megan, terrific to see you here :)

Saw some of this clip being filmed outside our place last Thursday, loving the Video :) The helicopter hovered for a couple of minutes outside, near where I was standing, I waived madly, but this is the shot they chose instead!


Red Bull Formula One race car takes to the skies of Melbourne

Video and Images @



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"Today I ..." read this and it reminded of something qool I witnessed last Saturday night, ironically enough not long into the "Transformers" movie that was on TV at the time.

LSCP and I were home for the evening in York and somewhere between 8.30pm and 9.00pm I had to go back out to the car to get my other spectacles.

While changing them I took a pause to admire the night sky to the South.

Just as I did, I heard what sounded to me like a commercial plane flying over (they usually fly either to the South or North of York but sometimes directly overhead ... perhaps all the solar lights I have attract 'em by night and the 32 foot boat with a 7 metre wide "manta" shaped shade-house next to it attracts 'em by day. lol) but louder than is normal.

Trouble was, for all the noise I couldn't see a plane. No flashing red/green lights heading over, no landing lights.

Then a Very Bright and Long Lasting "shooting star" lit up and traveled across the sky from about 70 degrees to 30 degrees, North to South before burning out much brighter than it started and its firey trail taking at least 5 seconds.

The plane sound noise actually ceased (rather than fade ... and it didn't fade in either ... it was just suddenly on then suddenly off. strange) before the "shooting star" lit up, mind you, and one would always expect light to be arrive sooner than sound.

Presuming the two were related, it seems to me that the falling lump of whatever got to create a rumbling roar before it started lighting up enough to be seen and, because it could be heard in such a way, it must have been falling pretty close to the town of York.

I've seen/heard better though.

Back in around 1993 when on a 10 day voyage crewing the tall ship STS Leeuwin I was semi-snoozing on nightwatch on a calm and clear night somewhere between Onslow and Port Hedland.

It was the kind of night where the starry sky was beautifully mirrored in the tranquil waters we quietly sailed upon and it Was Good to be able to relax on watch again for only a few days before we were days into being miserably and dangerously caught in a storm off Onslow that saw us going nowhere for days, with gear damaged, engines continually trying to keep us pointing the right way, and near everyone ill.

I was awakened from my slumber by others on Green Watch excitedly making oohs-and-aahs and I opened my eyes and bounded to my feet in time to see a massive ball of fire slowly pin-wheel low from the Northern horizon to the Southern horizon and all the while making a low rumbling roaring sound similar to a commercial jet going by.

That one probably took a good 20 seconds to roll by.

I suppose commercial sailors see that sort of thing all the time and a lot more besides ... so much water out there compared to lit up land and all that.

Hmmmm, according to this link, February is a bit of a "fireball" season in the Northern Hemisphere anyway: http://www.amsmeteors.org/2014/01/meteor-activity-outlook-for-february-1-7-2014/

Anyhoo, here is one that touched down on Mars late last year.


Oh, and last night I dreamed LSCP and I (and a whole crowd of fok) were caught in a meteor shower and a bunch of small ones missed us but then a big one landed offshore from us so we had to flee to higher ground 'cept I was in two minds whether to go back and grab my laptop wot I'd forgotten to take. I went and got it anyway as I thought it would come in handy for getting news on later, and we still managed to get to our boat (located on higher ground :)) on time anyway.

Deem "Joel 2:28" included ... especially the bit about old guys dreaming. :D

Remember this one from last year ?

(some noisy stuff at around the 7 minute and a bit mark)

That's nothing to what is coming.

Are you ready ?


cooked our Xmas dinner,

I drank a couple of bourbons, had a couple of cones & had an absolute ball playing with my 14 marron!

They are supposed to be our tea tomorrow night!

However, Moonbaby & I have gotten quite attached to them (LOL - not as attached as one got to my cat's face!)

So now I'm looking for a bath or a fibreglass pond & a pump!


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Today I lament the end of this Summer of Cricket. I've watched all forms of the game on TV, loved every minute of it and I will miss it terribly.


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Today I lament the end of this Summer of Cricket. I've watched all forms of the game on TV, loved every minute of it and I will miss it terribly.
Today I celebrate the end of this Summer of Cricket. My partner watched all forms of the game on TV and I even had to endure a live one dayer match, hated every second of it and I thank fuck it's finally over.

I really need to introduce you to my partner. You could be his Summer shag, and I could do the Winter. Oh that's right in Winter I enter a new AFL/NRL world of pain... on second thought - you can have him! Ha!


I loathe sport on TV...

Pencils by Eric Basaldua
Inks by Vitali Iakovlev

I got hold of the highres pencils to this one and posted a deviantart journal about getting them inked. Thiantana, JK5-inking and Vitali on D/art all had a go at them (I'm sure there were others but I haven't seen them) and so I had to choose the best out of the three.

To be frank, all 3 were pretty much a dead heat as I looked around each version of the inks from each person. (and believe me, when I have multiple copies like this I *really* study them up close to choose what I feel is the best) Everyone does various bits of a picture a different way and ultimately in this case the deciding factor was... her mouth! I liked the way he did better than the other two! :)

Doing all the ice was a bitch to do in the end. Plus balancing all the blue hues so you could still see each element. I think it came out Ok. Then there were the colour holds! I don't think there's a true black left in the entire picture! :)



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"Today I ..." am now a couple of weeks and a bit into a "no illcohol til april" type thing LSCP and I are doing.

Obviously we don't need the stuff anyway as neither of us are missing it at all.

Funny how though, when one is off the stuff, it seems to be everywhere ... and alternatives are in short supply and nobody seems to try too hard to cater for those who aren't currently interested in it.

Friday night, for example (yeah, valentine's day eve) there was a compulsory thing on at LSCP's school (partners not invited) so I crashed it with her rather than sitting at home. There was plenty of champagne, beer, and wine ... but no soft drinks !

Like, WTH ?

Sparkling water was available, which was bearable, but I for one would have much preferred a ginger beer.

Then, last night we were at a 50th where I was also doing a reluctant and freebie gig with mates (meh to having to be in Pert on a weekend, especially only to perform covers while other people consume illcohol and do silly things on a dance floor and my ears still ringing as I finally drifted off to sleep at 2am).

(lulz @ 0:15 and a bit)

Was truly a lovely night and location for it though (outdoors on a largish property, a full moon cruising by) but LSCP and I had to be careful at the cocktail bar that was going, for it was a little unclear sometimes as to what was the illcohol-less punch, and what was not.

Anyhoo, we safely made it through that one, but irony of ironies, as thanks for providing the live music for the occasion, the hostess gift-bagged each of the band a bottle of something.

So, in what has been an illcohol free zone for the last couple of weeks, LSCP and I now have a 700ml bottle of JW black label a-lurking. sigh.

Perhaps we can donate it to Good Samaritans ? :D

Next weekend we (and numba1son) have a "crazy mexican" party to go to (a belated bday party for the bass player from another bunch of musos I jam with), so that should be interesting. numba1son has to work the next day so presumably that will give us the excuse to leave before everybody else gets too messy (dunno about you lot, but I find it awkward being sober when everyone else isn't), then there is still a long weekend, lscp's birthday and my birthday to go before LSCP and I get to enjoy a long island tea on the balcony of a certain yacht club.

Personally I'm hoping that, after three or so months away from the "demon drink" (;)), both of us will continue to not be bothered with the stuff anymore.

At very least, it should be interesting to see how much we've not spent on the stuff over that time.

In the mean time, I'm finding that the very thought of the stuff (triggered by seeing bottles and glasses of the stuff being carried around by other people) makes me feel ill.

Perhaps it is the thought of all the sugar it contains ... and it all going to my thighs. :)

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Ders, as non drinkers my hubby and I find this all the time. Unless it is an event with kids there is no alternative to alcohol provided. We have learned to take our own.