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  • Hello visitors to this wall... have you voted in the awards yet????? Go on, I know you want tooooooooooooooooooo
    I think the Tinkerbell in Arthur's post is doing some kind of variation of Tai Chi? Or perhaps she's dropped a couple of E's and is busting out some chill out rave moves?
    it was good, a bit boring so far because we have only done lectures this week... good thing i took the train today, if I drove it coulda been my car crushed by that bridge :eek:
    Happy New Year Cosmo...Love ya

    Merry Christmas Cosmo! I hope 2009 brings you all good things including your dream job. :)
    HeY CoSmO - MerRy FrEAkiN ChRIstmAS :cool:
    if the governments filter is going to stop us from seeing that then bring it on i say.
    you should read up on Peter Singer. Really weird aussie philosopher. animal rights for the win, but beleives if someone is retarded or in a veg state and cant understand or enjoy the value of life they should be killed humanely.
    you would feel alot better if you DID spew. want me to ask sam to take his shirt off again?
    haha, thanks for pushing me over the top, now I'm 1009 - you trend starter! Seriously though, I do wonder sometimes why it goes up at all.
    Visitors to your Profile, I've had 998 as we speak :) You must be much cooler than me - if that's even possible.
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