New intruder is model Ryan Burke

And he's appeared on television before.

Behind Big Brother exclusive: The latest housemate to join the show is Ryan Burke-Gaffney, a model (yep, another one) and personal trainer. While he is based out of the Gold Coast Ryan is originally from Canada.

And because the days of casting regular people are over for Big Brother, it comes as no surprise Ryan was already featured on a reality TV show earlier this year – Channel 11’s Come Date with Me.


On that dating show he told his fellow contestants that he believed he was an “11 out of 10”. He also revealed he was brought up by two lesbian mums and this caused him to have a difficult childhood.

His chiselled looks haven’t always been there – he admits he’s suffered from body image issues and used to be overweight.

In another suspicious Big Brother connection, our forum sleuths found Ryan works at the same fitness service as 2012 intruder Sam Wallace – you may remember Sam as the guy who had a brief romance with housemate Layla.

In Ryan’s Big Brother promo he mentions being a world traveller and it seems this is due to his modelling work:


His Facebook fan page, which had more than 4000 likes and was active just yesterday has now suddenly vanished, a telltale sign when some one is about to appear on Big Brother. His Instagram account has also disappeared. You can view a cached version of his Facebook page here.

Because there is already a Ryan in the house the new intruder will likely be given a nickname by show producers.

You can also check out his modelling profile.


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37 Replies to “New intruder is model Ryan Burke”

  1. Regular nobodies have NO flamin hope of ever getting onto BB now….UNLESS you know OR are related to a former HM.

  2. Another media trained model coached by a previous housemate. It’s like picking billionaires to be on who wants to be a millionaire.

  3. He is an asshole. He is on a visa with ex girlfriend Courtney who owns ray white tugun and cheated on her through the entire relationship. He is a scam, hope he doesn’t last long enough to get everyone over watching big brother

  4. Just another hand picked wanker to match the rest of the boring housemates that BB has this year. Come on channel 9 time to sack the producers, How many more MUPPETS ( freinds of old house mates or actors ) are you going to put in there, This year is the biggest load of shit.

  5. Her dad is the owner sorry, it will be hers in the future. They have been on and off since April 2012 and I swear to god he is a player. He claims to love intelligent women but most of his exes were meter maids, went out with strippers, international students and all the very common girls in surfers paradise where he lived with his gay mate Jake. He used to work for wicked pub crawls and nowadays claims to be a great personal trainer as if he had years of experience lol had problems with drug dealing back in Canada and America

  6. Oh I watched that Ch 11 show and I thought he was/is the biggest Douchebag! His on the biggest ego trip & think his God’s gift! This year’s BB is becoming even more disappointing…

  7. Totally agree with you and as someone who knows him, I had experienced him saying that he was very blessed with his looks and everything else. Uuuughhhhhhhhhhhh this fuken douchebag should go back to Canada…. get the fuck out of BBAU

  8. I am so sick of this! Why do they even bother with auditions if they are only putting in ex HM’s friends or people already in the media!

  9. okay i was kind of saddened that BB was doing badly in ratings but this news actually makes me glad. Fucking hell, I honestly want him the next housemate out whenever he can be evicted.

  10. To Behind Big Brother Australia Well then channel 9 have F-CKED it up big time. No up late show, No uncut show, No friday night games They give us 1 1/2hour daily show that has more adds than the cricket & they show 20 min of what they showed the day before just to fill in time. Channel 10 may be crap but when they did the show it was real interesting people, weekly tasks that were fun to watch. People want to see more than all the bitching in there with there hired muppets. Bet they dont do the show next year & they have themselfs to blame for the shit ratings.

  11. At least last year they had definite characters. Not so much this year. They need people with a bit of personality. Say what you will about Tim and Ben but at least they were interesting. Tahan and Tully and Mikayla were too. Just what were Channel 9 thinking this year!

  12. Stop with adding ex housemates friends or housemates that already been on any other reality show seriously I am sick of this up and down…

  13. Hahah no thanks he’s just not good news and I honestly think BBAU should be about real people, that really deserve to be there not models, wannabes, sub-celebrities or who’s after media exposure.

  14. Big brother will never be the same. Its never good watching as when its real people rather than fakes

  15. I so knew it! From te voice to the position of his nipples in his pecks. I knew it!! Even the way he poses and he models just like On Come Date with Me. Assuming his nickname was American Ryan on the CDWM he proba will be called that (but that’s to long), so probs Burke (by his last name). Not happy with him entering though! We need a FEMALE winner!!

  16. There is already a Ryan in the house. Could you imagine the nightmare if they were both up for nomination one week? SMS Ryan1 to 199 55 999 SMS Ryan2 to 199 55 999. Simple solution: change their names, just like Drew from last years season.

  17. Are we surprised? Channel 9 wants the 16-24 year old ratings demographic. I hope it backfires.

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