Surprise Eviction and Intruder Special incoming

Nine's latest stunt to try and save dwindling ratings

A Surprise Eviction on Monday, September 29 and an Intruder Special on Wednesday, October 1 are among the latest changes made in an attempt to turn around a poor performing Big Brother series.

Sonia and the Couch, Live

These latest round of changes occuring so soon can only be in response to unsatisfactory ratings – The Australian reports Channel Nine have already had to compensate advertisers for under-delivering audiences. Previous stunts include putting 2013 winner Tim Dormer back into the house overnight.

The Surprise Eviction will replace the weekly Monday Night Live show next week where it was expected at least one nominated housemate would be saved, with voting lines again being frozen during the show.

Neither of these new specials were part of the original Big Brother eviction schedule and appeared on Dreamworld’s ticketing site just today. The regular eviction on Tuesday will still occur.

Surprise Eviction and Intruder Specials

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23 Replies to “Surprise Eviction and Intruder Special incoming”

  1. Stop being so negative. So what, they are doing things to keep the show interesting! It’s a good thing! Ratings were always going to decline when timeslot changes each night and When it runs till 10.20pm most nights!!

  2. Two big stuff ups this year the timeslot and the casting. I love BB but these stunts are not going to keep the ratings in the long term. I just hope Ten buys it back because o no they are looking at buying the similar format show called The Glasshouse. Fingers crossed.

  3. What makes you think Ten would save BB?

    Even if it returns on Ten doesn’t mean the ratings would skyrocket. The past is the past. Big Brother was only good back in the day (2000s). People are just not into that show these days.

    The channels have nothing to do with it.

  4. I disagree… i believe the right group who has the balls to give the fans what they want will make the show better… not the same as the original few seasons but better than the crap we have now… better casting and live streams (not having this in 2014 is a joke) will boost interest in the series and with more viewers they’ll get the money they’re trying to make without having to cut corners with everything

  5. The article is more about how bad the ratings have gotten and how desperate they’re getting to revive the series… this is BAD… even worse than the ’08 series… if they don’t fix the ratings I’d be amazed if this wasn’t the last season

  6. Ten knows how to produce BB plus nothing rates on Ten atm and like I said they are looking at The Glasshouse which is a ripoff of BB. We will have to see I guess

  7. Hey, Australia, is Carson Kressley still around? You could get two (or maybe even three) “Big Brother: Carson Puts Together an Outfit” specials out of him, like in 2008.

    Big Brother could even do that “Oh, Carson, and… there is… one more thing. LOVE the shirt.” joke we’re all so fond of. <3

  8. Big Brother is so dead after this season! It sucks! The housemates mostly suck and the stunts pulled to “win back ratings” totally and purely suck the most!
    Goodbye Big Brother!!
    The UK and US versions reign over you!!

  9. The dogs have to be together. That is why they came into the house. If one goes both will go. Usually they keep the dogs all year but from the edit so far they aren’t paying much attention to the dogs.

  10. Big brother needs to bring back Friday night games and uplate with Mikey , since it has gone Big brother has become boring and ratings will continue to drop :( Please bring back the old Big brother format

  11. Definitely better with some older ones and more comical laughs. They need a much bigger backyard as it’s more fun watching them create their own fun-silly games and funny wrestles as humans tend to do naturally. It’s fun watching the love affairs……but also can’t wait for the substance later. They have tried to discuss too many big topics too fast, already in the first week. And all I hear everywhere is BRING BACK FRIDAYNIGHT GAMES LIVE WITHMIKEY AND PAST HOUSEMATES HOSTING. so much good clean family fun like its a knock out. YES DEFINITELY TOO STUNT BASED I THINK THEY HAVE MADE A MISTAKE WITH THIS AS WHERE TOO FROM HERE NEXT YEAR……. Stunts are good but not too many too soon……give your audience a chance to keep up with the action. Plus the time slot needs to be earlier. Keep the adult stuff to a late night show once a week like they used to. It’s losing the essence of BB. I had faith that channel nine would honour the show. Don’t let it turn into a young twenty something’s lust show….. It has so much more potential than that. There have been many awesome housemates over the years. Go back to that.

  12. Totally agree…they need live streams. And I loved bb uplate with mikey. You feel like you really are getting the guts of the show instead of half hour edited version. We need time to get to know the housemates so we can care more about them and the show….

  13. Getting rid of housemates early seems silly to me. We don’t want to see them evicted, we want to see them interact. Unless they have some big guns to send in….like boogs from 2013. She was wasted being put in so late. She still should have been an intruder, but put in much earlier. These accidentally funny people are the best…. More of those I think.

  14. If big brother was on earlier in the evening the ratings would be immense. Half the working population are in bed by 8.30!

  15. What are people watching instead of BB? Every other channel has nothing but boring cooking, building,or fishing shows!! BB is the only entertaining show on TV.

  16. Katie is the most stuck up (for no good reason) condescending, arrogant, loudmouth, greasy hair dog! She thinks she deserves royal treatment, but shes just a bogan who looks at herself too much in the mirror. She needs to be brought down a peg or 2. And will someone stop her non stop eating !!!

  17. Honestly I would disagree with you…BBUS sucks…take it from a US super-fan, We all look forward to BBAUS, most of us have loved the past 2 seasons of yours, and this season is amazing! Australia has THE BEST english-speaking BB on TV…BBUS is nothing but fame-whores and recruits playing it up to get the most camera attention…the strategy part of the game has gone by the wayside, and it’s become nothing more than another soap opera…our format has become horrible, and lends itself to week-to-week predictability…american fans have been writing letter after letter and email to the production team that does ours, and they turn a blind eye to all of the fans’ wishes. We want them to make ours more like yours.

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