Actually scratch that, Big Brother ratings continue to decline

Could this be the end?

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What a difference a day makes. After we reported the Tim Dormer and face to face eviction stunts had boosted ratings for the show, the Wednesday night nominations episode slumped once again.

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Like this article to dislike Big Brother being cancelled.

The AAP reports Big Brother was “smashed” in the ratings last night. It was only the 17th most watch show on TV and was beaten by the ABC’s Utopia.

In the five capital city market its overnight figures were 618,000, however as we previously reported Channel Nine have been overestimating these figures considerably. The finalised result is likely to be below 600,000 which is considered the bare minimum for Big Brother.

The show’s only saving grace right now is it’s ranking fairly well in demographics – last night in 18-49 and 16-39 year old brackets it ranked second most popular show of the night.

In around two weeks time The Block will wrap up and it’s predicted Big Brother will take the 7.30pm timeslot. It’s still unclear how this will affect ratings, but as the weather gets warmer and daylight savings begins in some states less people are watching TV at night.

If ratings don’t improve it’s likely this will be the final season of Big Brother on Nine. The network is in its final contract year with Endemol for the show, and if it doesn’t deliver audiences it could be cancelled.

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44 Replies to “Actually scratch that, Big Brother ratings continue to decline”

  1. To Be fair #UtopiaABC is a most excellent show, full of well defined characters & writers know exactly what the public want…. while BB.. is…well.. not

    I cannot imagine the numbers of camera-people on TENs original series, being used here on 9.
    We barely get to see anything, no livestreams.. hmm what was my point again ^_^

  2. Well if they would bring back the Daily Feed so we can get to know the HM’s rather than BB showing us what he wants to show us so we can only judge a person on approx. 20 mins of a show since ALL they seem to be airing is GAMES, NOMINATIONS & EVICTIONS!! Bring the OLD BB back where we could get to know the HMs from their banter in the sun ect

  3. I have watched every series but I just can’t watch this one. They are just so damn boring. I want to be entertained. I want to care. I want to laugh, cry & get angry. Sorry but I just don’t care about these Vanilla Pudding people. Nothing wrong with Vanilla Pudding but no one wants it every day

  4. There was a time when I thought it was better to have Channel 9’s watered down version of BigBrother, rather than no BigBorther at all. This time has now past.

  5. I post a lot on the forums here (not as screamface) and after last nights episode I really had nothing to say.

    The lack of live feed would definitely be having an impact, everyone checks social media all the time. So if facebook was popping up with stories, links to videos, it’d build interest. ‘Oh I must tune into see this or, ‘big drama in the bb house’ or something. Scrolling through facebook now the first thing to come up from BB is a picture of Katie with some text on it from 5 hours ago. It then links to a story and footage from last nights episode. This is pointless content. What purpose at all does this serve? I watched the episode.

    The number one stand out from this season is that most conflicts and issues in the house have appeared out of no where. We are never getting the developing stories and conflicts. It seems BB wants to present everything is happy sailing until it comes to a head. As viewers this is disjointing, we’re getting hearsay from conversations and at the end have no investment in the conflicts or characters. We just have a he said, she said.

    They have lost touch with the most interesting aspect of BB. They need to start live feeds again straight away or at the very least give us more accurate depictions of the show. During nominations last night, for many of the nominations you just have to take the housemates on their word that they are voting for something real. We don’t know if it is. BB has not been doing a good job when a housemate gets nominated by multiple people for the same reason which we have seen no hint of, where they then have to stick in flashbacks so we know it is a real thing.

    They are just doing a terrible job of conveying life in the house. This may have been the same the last two years, but the live feeds filled in the gaps just enough.

  6. Without the updates during the day I am not getting to know the housemates. I’ll be watching, but why waste my money voting for housemates I know barely anything about.
    I am so disapointed, I am not feeling a part of it this year.
    Bring back live feeds…

    What? No one is listening!!

    Don’t do a Gemma and bury yourself Big Brother.

  7. Utopia is awesome. I also am sick of having to watch it later and later when it used to be a great show to eat dinner to. It’s not a thrilling drama or comedy you will stay awake for and that’s okay!

  8. I say drop it now. I’ve watched two episodes and it is so boring bring back people like Ben and stacy the ratings would go through the roof

  9. Yeah, but the USA and Canada deliver such gems as “Naked and Afraid” with censorship all over them. That’s what BB Oz has become – a heavily censored, do-nothing show where anyone who brings and spark of life gets voted off the island real quick.

  10. The NBA office have been having to many power-meetings on future strategies.
    They’re stuck inside trying to fix their emails, hence the later start ;)

  11. We’ve seen most of these people before. There’s already been a ‘ditsy blonde’, a ‘bitchy wannabe fashionista’ and so on.. The more unique people go early, and were left watching a dumb blonde falling off chairs and slutty couples making out in the spa… Yawn..

  12. The current format may be branded as Big Brother but it couldn’t be any further from it.

    This is an almost scripted heavily edited soapie dressed in Big Brother drag….

    Bring back basic format of live feeds, up late and allow this all to happen naturally…. The Network needs to stop intervening with the brand,

    Take away the high school mentality and appreciate there are adult viewers to, this once was an intriguing physiological experiment … Now well?

  13. Our Big Brother (Canada) is NOT censored lol That’s the U.S. that is on t.v. I’ve never even heard of “Nake and Afraid” either. I am just saying if you let us watch it on the site even we would rise the ratings. Even if BBAU is censored it is a HELL of a lot better than BB U.S.

  14. But its just the start, when we get the hang of the housemates we sure can start to like them. I say see what new episodes bring and see how it goes, i must admit they need more entertainment but thats not the housemates fault.

  15. They need to have live feeds and make it accessible worldwide (or at least US/Canada). Lazy bastards.

  16. The only reason it is rating lower than normal IMO is because it is regularly starting at 9pm or later – which is unacceptable. I think when The Block ends it should increase by 100-300k.

  17. Whoever runs this show has no idea.. They have plenty of opportunities to create their “perfect” edition of BB, and they have failed. Perhaps they should just consider the fact that they aren’t as good as they think they are when it comes to producing shows like this. I can only hope that if and when Channel 9’s version of this goes down the executive producers don’t get another chance like this again. I mean if this is your 3rd shot of the series and you kill the show, you had ample opportunity to use your own ingenuity and creativity to create anything and this is what resulted.. I mean wow completely disappointing..

  18. Just use HOLA to watch it. That’s what the rest of the world does when they want to watch US or Canadian TV!

  19. No. On Ten there was ‘up-late’ & live feeds 24/7,
    showercams at around 9:30am which all could be seen for free.
    I agree the early seasons were good, because you SAW more, not got “shown”

    What 9 have done, is to try and water it down and please everyone, and in doing that, please nobody.

    1. 8.30pm time slot! Come on channel nine! Obviously kids in highschool or primary school or even parents aint going to wait up that late to watch a tv show when they could be getting ready for bed. 7pm is a good time as its right after or during dinner where people would sit down infront of the telly. I really cbf waiting till 8.30 sometime.
    2. Why on earth is there so many hipsters on tv at the moment? There is jake! he is a bloody dull wannabe rapper hipster! Then there is Dion who although is nice doesnt do much. There is sandra, she is a bit of a bore. There is ryan he is cool but boring and a bit hipster himself. Well the key point im saying is… that they need to put more variety. Why not chuck in some white trash, bogans, gold bluggers, crazy ass people inside instead of those boring as fuck ppl
    3. They should do the daily update feed on again. Keep people updated so they can check on the housemates.. thus this will make them wana tune in to the nights show or look forward to it
    4. Bring back the friday night live games! Kids love to watch those shit.
    5. bring back the big brother uncut show!!!
    LOL thats all i have to say for now.

  21. I think channel 9 has a big part in who goes in. So all these ppl going in who are trained actors, friends of foemer hms…It’s all crap. Also who wants to watch it so late. There should be a uncut version, lI’ve online streaming

  22. I hope not, i enjoy watching BBau from the States of America…I love it more than BBUS….

  23. OMG people don’t stay up past 8.30pm? kids get bullied for carp like that at school if they go to bed that early!!!

  24. Agreed 100 percent!

    We never see the daily show, it’s always Sonia talking/nominations/evictions/games and time wasters..

    I want to SEE the housemates!!!!

    We get to see them for about 15 minutes and the rest are ads and Sonia talking..
    And I hate when an intruder goes in and then they finish the show, I want to see what happens when they enter!

    They should also bring back up late live, where we could just watch them live and not edited..

  25. I agree, I loved ‘Up Late Live’ because you could just watch them unedited and actually see the housemates!
    Not just watching Sonia and eviction and nominations and crap!
    I want to see the actual housemates, daily edition and up late.
    Why can’t they just show the actual show without always having Sonia there?!?!!!

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