Looks like Nathan has walked

Intruder was spotted inside Dreamworld compound

Big Brother has announced a housemate has “made a sacrifice” and walked from the show. It’s looking like Nathan is the walker.

While their identity won’t be revealed until Monday night, immediate speculation is that Nathan, who was having trouble fitting into the house has thrown in the towel.

Behind Big Brother has received a handful of emails from people who claim they have connections to either Dreamworld or Big Brother production and all have told us Nathan has left.

Voting lines have stayed open which indicates it’s unlikely the housemate who walked was up for nomination this week.

Ads for the upcoming intruder eviction have apparently stopped.

On top of this, various posts on Twitter have said Nathan was spotted in the Dreamworld complex today looking distressed.




Big Brother is promoting this as a “world first”, when in fact housemates have walked from the Australian house as early as 2003 when Belinda quit the show.

The “sacrifice” is also very conveniently timed. The housemate apparently walked from the house over the weekend when there is a complete show blackout. The Monday night show is being screened much later than usual – 8.45pm instead of 7pm – and is at risk of suffering lower ratings. The “world first” could just be a media stunt.

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