Will the real Ben please stand up

Think you’ve sussed out the real ben? Think again.

Tim Dormer has been labelled the game player this year, but Ben Zabel may have one up on him. Not to be confused with a street performer who shares the same name, Ben has been a stand-up comedian in years gone by — something that doesn’t really fit in with the sheltered personality he portrays in the house. Photographic evidence below confirms Ben Zabel the comedian and Ben Zabel the Big Brother housemate are one and the same (original link).

Is Ben just being himself, exaggerating certain traits, or putting on a full-on fake persona in the house? A number of our members have been smelling a rat – especially after Ben’s impromptu Duo act with Drew for the ‘LOL task’ and again after impersonating fellow housemates during Wednesday’s Eviction show. Here’s a small selection of those comments:

benzabel-brisprideEY2013 “he makes it sound like he never goes outside and has no social interaction with anyone. (…) Does he deserve $250k for keeping the act up for close to 3 months?”

up_all_night “his whole persona on the show is just an act. His whole story and make up of his character is bullshit. You can also clearly see his comedy, improv and performing skills on the show when he needs to.”

talene “i thought his impromptu stand-up routine during the LOL task was quite good. this explains a lot.”

sergie “I always had a feeling something was up with him. The voices and stuff he always puts on were always too good for his fake persona.”

Veronica2005 “I guess it gives us an understanding as to why he is so good at the comedy routines and things he says/does with the housemates getting them into hysterics, and also shows he knows to work the nerdy/hopeless side of himself to get the laughs and sympathy”

Thing “To stand up on stage & do anything in front of people seems to be in exact opposition to what Ben portrays to the HM’s & viewers…”

chumly “Ben’s been playing to the cameras from the get go. He went in there with an iron clad persona, and he very rarely breaks character.”

Skylark “If this is true he is playing a better game than Tim, so congrats to him!”

Does this news about Ben’s hidden life as a comedian change your opinion about him? Join the discussions on our forums.

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