Has Justynn been removed from the house?

Updated: Rumours of a violent altercation

Rumours are spiralling online that Justynn has been removed from the house after he acted violently to housemates and attempted to punch Ed.

Update 8/10: This rumour is not true. Justynn has given his side of the story in this article.

Update: BB producers say this rumour isn’t true, but it’s still looking like Justynn will be evicted on Monday night – full story here.

Update: Big Brother executive producer Alex Mavroidakis has commented on this article stating that no altercation has taken place. He has not elaborated on why no information about the intruders has been made available over the weekend.

Earlier: Since Friday there has been no mentions, photos or videos of new intruders Justynn or Nathan on the official update feeds, leading fans to pour onto the official Big Brother Facebook page to ask what’s going on.

The last image of Justynn before his disappearing act shows him sitting sullenly next to his suitcases.

This screenshot then began making the rounds and claims Justynn abused female housemates before attempting to punch Ed. It also says he was held down by other housemates before being removed by security.

The Big Brother social media team has gone into crisis mode and is deleting all comments on the official Facebook page which ask where the intruders are. But the questions just keep coming.

Further screen captures have also begun making the rounds, all claiming that Justynn’s eviction will take place on Monday under the guise of being due to his diabetes. The claim says producers will specifically not mention the altercation.


The counter rumour is that the new intruders have been taken to another part of the house as part of a task, but it’s highly unusual to have such an information blackout just after the intruders entered the house.

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