Justynn and the sisters to get the boot this week?

Photo reflection gives away clues

Looks like Justynn may be the evicted intruder tonight, followed by a departure of the Sugar Sisters this Wednesday.

Over the weekend there was a complete information blackout on the new intruders with no mentions, images or videos of Nathan and Justynn posted on the official feeds. This gave rise to a rumour that Justynn had become violent and had to be removed from the house. This rumour has been debunked by the show producers.

TV Tonight reports the intruder to go has already been formally evicted and is staying in lock down away from the main house. The information blackout was to keep this a secret until Monday evening.

However the BBAU website team may have slipped up, posting this image which appears to show a reflection of Nathan against the camera run glass (extreme left).

And our forum users have enhanced the photo to show it does look like Nathan. This would mean Justynn has been formally evicted and will leave the house tonight.


Meanwhile the latest odds for the regular eviction show the sisters are clear favourites to go. At the time of posting Centrebet’s odds are:

  • The sisters – 2.00
  • Drew – 3.50
  • Ed – 3.80
  • Mikkayla – 5.50
  • Jade – 9.00
  • Tim – 21.00

Ben is still favourite to win the season, followed by Tim.

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