2013 Housemate Photoshops!

Great BB images created by our users

Originally posted on Day 14

On a day where what would traditionally be the first Big Brother eviction for the year, we are without Big Brother for the night :(. So instead of talking about the pending eviction that will now occur on Monday nights, we’ll share some of our more creative Housemate Photoshops that our talented forum members have created. We’ll have more photoshops later in the season.

To start off with, The Theorist seems to think Sonia likes a good twisting tongue ;)

pawlini believes Jade is “The Mole”

Thing tells us that Ben is not actually the docile petite gay man he’s making out to be… he is actually Clark Kent…

Up_all_night thinks Ben is really Sir Elton John

Are the housemates from Bedrock? Mr Stickyfingers appears to have found a family portrait


Has 2nutz found Big Brother’s Confidential drafting of the housemates?

bbphotoshops_the secret manual_0

Stop searching everyone! It appears Mr Stickyfingers has finally found Wally!

bbphotoshops_where's Xavier

Morbo found an old photo of Ed from his Full Frontal comedy days

bbphotoshops_poida JPG

up_all_night has found Tahan’s identical twins…


2nutz found old movie posters that resembles the housemates of the Big Brother house

bbphotoshops_horror poster


and finally, 2nutz has discovered what Rohan’s real mission is, just when will the housemates figure it out?…



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