How will the housemates vote in the election?

There’s an election happening on September 7 – and this year’s housemates are not exempt from casting their vote. The Big Brother house is no escape from the election spin, either – with housemates destined to see political campaigns from each of the running parties before voting.

UPDATE 2/09/2013: Big Brother executives have revealed more details into the housemates and the election via TVTonight. The Labor, Liberal, Greens and Palmer United parties have each provided a video, narrated by their party leader, to be played into the house this Tuesday. The video is expected to highlight each party’s election policies and is likely to have some air time in Wednesday’s daily show.

Information from this post originally came via TV Tonight.

Southern Star reveals that so far only the Greens and Palmer United have agreed to create personalised campaign videos, while the ALP and the Liberals struggle to make time in their pre-election schedules.

All housemates have filled out postal voting applications – with the exception of Jade whom is not on the electoral roll – and will vote while in the house, unless they’ve been evicted before polling day.

Details on how and if election-related events will be covered in the daily shows prior to polling day are yet to be finalised, with executive producer Mavroidakis admitting to not knowing the full legalities around it all.

How will Big Brother reveal the post-election results to the house? If Monday’s eviction is anything to go by, Sonia will show up on the house plasma, removing one political party at a time until only 3 are left. She’ll wave goodbye to the house and send us to a commercial break. After the break, Sonia will go back to the house and remove another party from the running. Only then will she finally announce the new government – a whole 10 minutes after starting the process.

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