Fans blow up over lack of live feeds

A huge backlash is brewing on social media over Big Brother producers’ decision not to offer live internet feeds or an ‘Uplate’ program this season.

Compounding anger is the fact that BB is now in it’s third day and audiences have yet to see any daily show or highlight footage, other than short segments mixed into live specials.

The @BBAULIVE twitter account, which was supposed to replace live feeds, closes down at 11pm. Last night it stopped tweeting only minutes after a whole new housemate entered – not good enough for a 24/7 show.

We’ve collected some recent tweets from angry fans below (there’s many, many more out there). Many complaints have also been posted to the official BB Facebook page but are quickly deleted by Big Brother and the users banned from commenting again.

Are you angry over no feeds? You can voice yourself on twitter by letting these people know: @AlexMavroidakis (executive producer), @southernstaraus (production company) and @channel9.

You can also contact Channel Nine and email Southern star to voice your concerns.

As always, you can discuss the show in our unofficial forums.

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