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What's for dinner?



coral trout and potato gems. My niece dropped a fillet on the floor. I love potato gems


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Chicken and pumpkin pasta bake.

Roast cubed pumpkin and roast. Cook penne drain and stir in cream, mustard and bbq chook and pumpkin dollop ricotta and brown under the grill.

Never had it before. I'm so hungry I'm tempted to just rip that pumpkin out of the oven and eat it on its own.


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sounds nice Cowie

Tonight its pork spare ribs, boiled baby taters, beans and carrots.

Mum's coming over too, and I think Im going to have a few G&Ts...


Jack lives here
awww baby taters...did I mention I'm starving? I forgot to have lunch. And I don't eat breakfast. And I said roast twice in my post I'm so hungry I'm delirious.


Jack lives here
yum yum I just made pizza in my new very expensive frying pan. Yummy. The toppings were a bit dismal but I'll do better next time on that front.


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Roughing it tonight so its a can of BB and can of spag into one saucepan along with two massive tomatos fresh picked from vege patch, a bunch of "mix herbs", paprica, garlic, onion flakes, a dash or two or red wine and a guzzle or two for myself, a cup of parmisans cheese, and some other stuff that I can't remember now (refer to guzzle of two of red wine ... it is on top of earlier imbibing).

Into other saucepan some tube pasta, then some stirring and waiting. Bit like in here really.

10 mins later, wondering why saucepan with BBs and spag in it ain't heating.

Oh, I turned on the wrong ring. Bloody guzzle or two !

10 mins later, all good, extracted mucho from each saucepan into nice big bowl and added second cup or parmisans cheese (the pre containered stuff. great on icecream too !) and poured myself a guzzle or two of red into my Dovakin evil looking goblet thingo (black with dragons on it, given to me by LSCP's grandma years ago.

Mmmmmm. The leftovers will be lunch tomorrow and the juices thereof a soup for later.

Hope I have some room after for some vanilla cream rice. Yes, I'll be sprinkling parmisans from the container thingo on it.

Ah, lurv "roughing it" ... as well as eating what has grown in my garden. :)

How about youze ?

Ok, time to go read some bolta then apply some digestion aid by reclining in the spa under the full moon. Might even give said full moon a run for its money too. ;):)

Oh, and meh to Geraldine Douges' TV thang on ABC1 re: "worst natural disaster" re: the bush fires ATM.

Nothing natural about it. It was in fact utterly engineered by the evil greenazis who prevented proper management of the bush and causing folk who wanted to do the right thing and create proper firebreaks to be heavily fined for their efforts.

Milne & Brown (and their ALP sychophants, which BOC include Fabian Socialist juLiar Killard) and co are worthy of hell purely for that alone, aside from all the other misery they continue to try and jackboot into our faces in their usual totalitarian style.

I resolve to avail myself to be a witness against those enemies of humanity upon the return of Yeshua and on judgement day. :)

[ADIT] Urrgh, spew, I can't watch any more. Obviously they have picked the left of the far left to interview. "Victim mentality" all. Waaing about how they need to take back control of their lives

FFS, they should have exercised control BEFORE the 'king fire, and properly supervised the environment so such a disaster couldn't happen so easily.

Mehmehmeh, no sympathy at all from me ... they reaped what they sowed by not resisting the folly of the idiotic misanthropic evil greenazies.

No govt aid should go to them until they repent of their folly.

Why the fuck should the rest of us fund/bail out stupidity, especially when it appears that very little has been learned ?

Fucking greenazis !

In the words of Ted Bullpit, Someone should blow them up ... and the cats !


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Tried responding to Bernie, but it was too much for my phone! Yep, I am sitting outside too. I have a very uncomfortable chair, yet I refuse to go inside. I've fed my family and all I want to do is lay outside with my iPod! However my lounge is in the shed and Hubby would never let me lay outside! (alone at night I mean!)


hes a guy who comments on everyones life but hasnt got the balls to stand up