Travis disqualified?


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Apparently Travis was disqualified from Big Brother! I don't know the source of this rumor but I hope it is not true because in my opinion Travis is starting to not be annoying anymore! Please tell me whether it's true or not!


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What happens if you ring his 'Vote to Save' number? If he's been removed, the number would have to be made invalid...


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My opinion is that this is just some one starting a rumour based on what happened in last night's episode - Travis getting all narky with Sam.

It's highly unlikely.

And even if it was true, we'll never know. It would be swept under the carpet so fast and Travis would "voluntarily leave" for some reason or another. These things usually aren't revealed. ie. the Justynn thing where we've since learned something dodgy and violent definitely went down, but the producers were so shit scared they wouldn't talk about it at all.



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If this rumor proves to be true (which would be interesting) there is a possibility that that they would bring in another intruder to even numbers up. Update: BBAU Facebook page has deleted all posts made about Travis supposed altercation.

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Speaking of, in regards to the Nathan/Justynn incident from last year, makes me wonder why they kept the whole thing so quiet and completely faked the entire weekend and eviction just to cover it up.

I get that they were "scared", but for the sake of ratings and promoting for the show, wouldn't it have been a lot more beneficial for them to air the actual incident?

I just don't get why they're so willing to make the shitty minor things out to seem like the most dramatic things ever to happen in the house on their promos and stuff (i.e. last night's Aisha incident, for example) but then run and hide when something actually dramatic happens.

Ah well.

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