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  • Heyyyyyyyy Tim!
    I am just wondering where I would be able to find you famous quote, "Don't block a thread bitches!" on the forum?
    And thank you for an amazing year!
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    Ugh, I can't work out how to send you a PM. Nobody else read this, OK?

    Some time ago I promised to donate via my partner's Paypal. Well, we both give up on PayPal, so would you please PM me the bank account details and I'll make a direct deposit. I'll double my original intended donation because I've taken so long.

    I really appreciate being able to use this site.
    Sorry to bug you; I know you're probably aware of it, just a friendly reminder that Marina's face hasn't been crossed out. Please feel free to tell me to get stuffed.
    Also, is there any chance that very early tomorrow morning you could put a cross through Priya's face, just as a gag? The Pristians would lose it!
    (Yes, I know you're a Priya fan).
    Sorry to hassle you, I know you're busy.
    Love the site. Love your work.
    @Tim Can we get a separate live chat for Non DST states and DST states? This would stop confusion when it comes to when things are happening in the show. It would also stop spoilers for the people of the Non-DST States. I realize you have not done this before. You may have your reasons for which I fully understand if you don't go with the idea. Thanks greatly! :D
    hi why do u hate me? this is talentstanner. please dont ban me i dont actually want to leave i just dont like getting bullied. i need these forums right now, they are helping me.
    why are you being such a bitch to me? i dont have an another account i deleted the last one so its impossible! and i seriously can't believe u closed my popularity tracker thread when i MADE THE GAME! Now I'm forced to play the knock off with amended rules! Its an outrage TIM! Please fix this injustice, I'm really sad.
    Hey there.
    I believe there is is some confusion regarding the popularity tracker in both forums.
    I created one last night at 11:27pm with the intention of doing the format that calderyon did last year.

    Someone else made a thread very similar to mine at 2:57am with the same intention, a full three hours and thirty minutes after my thread was made.

    Bottom line... What should we do?

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