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Rewatching Series 10 (2013)

Tim & Boog were complaining about having staples for 2 weeks in a row.

Madaline joined in & they were talking about who they would eat, all agreed it would be Ed, as he had more meat.

Tim said he would eat his breast, Maddy mentioned Thighs etc & Boogs his wings (Arms)

Boog then said we could put his head up there & admire how good looking he was, Tim responded or we could kick it over the fence. 😂🤣
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HM's were drawing.

Tim painted Mr Clooney.


Tim posing nude for Tahan. 🤣

Didn't they go through a few Surly's during the series?
Iirc 2012 had the actual fishtank, then they had that problem so 2013/14 he started showing up in CGI form in places like 'The Drainpipe grill' or the shower hole in the Presidential Suite. I'm pretty sure theres a youtube short floating around of Heidi first meeting him and hearing his voice and talking to the drainpipe near the bathtub or something haha.
Found the articles:

Tahan's drawing of Tim

View attachment 61374

Maddy's painting of Tim.

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Freeze & Release task.

The lovebirds Ed & Jade were allowed into the garden of eden for a romantic meal.

When they picked up the champagne glasses they had to freeze.

BB allowed Tim & Tahan in & they were eating like there was no tomorrow. BB also gave them a picnic lunch.


When BB said release, Ed went to eat something & BB said they had enough food. lol

Also Tim was tormenting them, by putting breadsticks in Ed's hands etc
The original HM's nicknamed Jade, Jade-anaconda.

Wish I could post a video of Drew & how they saw Jade, 'screaming'. Was like a dinosaur yelling.
Family & Friends nominated.

Drew, Tim, Ed & Jade are up.

Ed ramping up the kissy kissy for Jade.

Tim's Dad Phil in Tim's skeleton onesie.

Tim's Dad.png
OMG, some great memories here.
Thanks Kaz.
It makes you realise just how boring BB has become with the last few years format.