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@Mr Stickyfingers

Woo-hoo you go you good thing!!!

I've had a computer upgrade & I've lost my ability to gif :(:(:(:(

Below is a moving pic of my fave dr..... I still can't bring myself to watch a lady dr! (ps if it ends up a pic & not a gif, lets all just pretend it's a gif, okay? :D )

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..thanks el’coopo... (I still crack up at that pic of your dog)... and yes... I totally agree on your choice of your favourite Doctor...as for a female Doctor?... we’ll my opinion is still iffy on that lol!... cheers.


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That is really exciting news @Mr Stickyfingers! I'm sure the home will be beautiful and perfect for you when it's done. It might not have been where you were planning to be but it does sounds like you've ended up in the right place for you, your wife and your family. I'm a little jealous - it sounds beautiful