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R U OK Support Thread


Great news @Mooseface

We can get a man to the moon but we don't build fire/flood proof houses, why?
My cousins are all based in the fire areas around Vic mountains, all safe and accounted for thankfully
Anyone else thinking about who to volunteer with???
This catastrophe will take everyone to help,
and our stupid pm may get the shove he deserves


The saddest, saddest fire victim photo yet......in a spoiler it is so tragic



This year has been devastating with the effects of fires on humans and animals.
It has brought out the best in most people doing everything possible to help.
We can only hope all necessary help continues to be provided for a long time.

This was my husband's account but he has suffered some serious health issues that means only I can post.
I want to say how much I appreciate reading all the latest threads as I have missed watching a lot of the usual reality shows that we would watch, so thank you all for your entertaining posts.
I still like to post but it will be time limited for a while.


Are we getting over-cautious in the wake of the Corona virus?
First toilet paper wars, and now I discover when ordering a pizza online that there is a new option for a non-contact policy. If you check the box, you can agree that the delivery person can leave your food a minimum of 4 feet away, for you to collect once they are out of contact distance. Because, you know, one or the other of us would probably die if they handed it over or we said hello to each other.


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Well: France has just shut. Spain and Switzerland also.
So far Germany is mostly still open with some restrictions.
I feel a bit like I am in a horror movie or a war movie.
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Feels weird, lots of masks now
It is like waiting for a tsunami after warning, but you are 10k inland and can’t quite grasp the forecasts

I am already cautious about germs, I have an auto immune disease
Supermarkets are scenes of hell right now, either stripped bare or hectic with overwhelming crowds