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Last movie you saw


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I saw it too and really enjoyed it. I'm not a big fan of Brad Pitt but I really liked his character in this movie. He did a good job. I also love how it captured that whole era. Good movie.
Not a Brad Pitt fan either but that role really suited him.
Trivia: In an interview with one of Tarantino's go-to guys, Tim Roth explained how he had been cast (in 'Once Upon A Time...'), and scenes were shot with him in it. Alas, when he saw the finished product of the film for the first time, he found that all scenes involving him had been cut out. Tarantino obviously had had a scissor-happy day.


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About how McDonalds started up. It was a real eye-opener, I didn't know its background. Quite awful how ruthless people can be!


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This last week I watched:

Tenet - very good. I found it a little easier to digest post watching than Inception. Christopher Nolan is a mastermind. Sometimes the audio is hard to make out, I look forward to rewatching with subtitles.

The New Mutants - for a film that was shot a couple of years ago, it felt like a quarantine movie. The whole story in one location made it feel small and contained. Maybe it’s supposed to be a a film setting up a new X Men Generation. The characters were barely good enough for this film let alone any sequels. A little disappointing tbh.

Mulan - a colourful spectacle. Well shot and acted. Would have been immersing watching on the big screen, my 75inch TV was sufficient though. Missing a comedic sidekick (read; Mushu).


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Oh my god - so don’t come for me BUT Foxtel has just added a shit tonne of Lifetime movies. I watched The Night Stalker (Richard Ramirez - American Horror Story fans might be familiar with the shows use of him as a character in story arch’s) and it was awesome - stars Bellamy Young of Scandal/Prodigal Son and Lou Diamond Phillips of La Bamba fame.