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Last movie you saw


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Finally got round to seeing wonder woman.
Not bad. Not bad at at all for a superhero movie.
And Gal Gadot.


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PURPLE RAIN is on NTV at the moment, love Prince he is a genius

Recall first time I saw this, on video, in a gay house full of boys, with one lesbian/bi sexy woman
This is when I fell in love with the purple wonder


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Saw that one a while ago. I think I liked it. A bit disturbing as I recall.


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Saw that one a while ago. I think I liked it. A bit disturbing as I recall.
We had no idea as to what was going on. Had to stop and Google it to get some kind of idea.
The only good thing about it was it being set in Scotland. My partner is Glaswegian, and it was good to hear the Glaswegian accents, and seeing bits of Glasgow.
Too weird. I like weird, but that was too weird.


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I saw John Wick 3. I'm not a big action fan but I went with somebody who wanted to see it. The story was really good. Too bad about the relentless gore and violence. Not my cup of tea!

I also saw Annabelle Comes Home. It was pretty scary for about three quarters of the movie, then it just got a bit overblown. For some reason these movies always seem to have a cheesy, happy families ending where everyone hugs and smiles and violins play. But I don't mind a good, cheesy horror movie.


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Saw The Lion King today in 3D. Quite enjoyable. I have never seen it any form before (cartoon, theatre, whatever), I hate to admit. Always amazes me what they can do with CGI these days.