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  • Best Wishes for a great 2009, Molli

    A MaSSiVE MerRY cHRisTMas to YOu MolLi :)
    moll... i only just got ur msg and am about to go to bed, and cant reply, cos the thing is broke or something. anyway, it sounds good, i will be working that day until 1pm though..... work something out later, but no worries. im not sure what we are doing that night cos T's b'day is the Monday after, so we might just go for dinner, i am abit confused!
    Yeah I went and got myself a life, and now I wish I didn't have it lol. I'm way too busy. Hope you're well.

    Happy mothers day for tommorow molly :)
    Oh no, that repping stuff makes me nervous! Anyway, hi molloch!
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