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Tonight Fiona mentioned she was supposed to do the show 2 years ago but pulled out... they must have contingencies ...shit happens after all. He is a grown man who made the decision to push on with it regardless of his doubts (not sure how much it was worth to him but that would have been a big factor in his decision making process as he surely keeps talking about the $$. He is responsible for the decision to go ahead.
Tomic also mentioned tonight that he intends to go back and finish his stint in the jungle. Is that a contractual thing or just something he's saying now?

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I thought that too. Odd turn of phrase.
...I'm glad that someone else picked that up too Meglos... and yes... it certainly was a strange thing to say wasn't it?... I noticed that both Julia and Chris just kept talking over it as if he never said it... they were probably in numbed shock or both didn't realise what he said lol!... I bet that it's edited out in the episode recap on Tenplay tomorrow... but... he did say it... cheers.


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Tomic also mentioned tonight that he intends to go back and finish his stint in the jungle. Is that a contractual thing or just something he's saying now?
I laughed at that - he thinks they’d want him back? He thinks they’ll allow him an opportunity to redeem himself? What about the urgent need to get back to his tennis and what he needs to do? so full of himself he thinks everything revolves around what he wants
Its going to take longer than a few weeks for him to get his issues resolved and IF they resolve he wont be needing to be in the jungle


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Very good point Tuttle. They constantly go on about how all they have to do is say "I'm a celebrity get me out of here", yet when somebody actually does it they attach all this stigma and shame to it.
its more in the context of ending a challenge rather than quitting the jungle algether ... especially after barely settling in ...
ABC morning news replaying Tomic and his comparing TA to the corruption in FIFA
yeah buddy - good luck with that pipe dream of representing Australia anytime soon

I’d rather we lose the Davis Cup with decent people representing us than win it with him involved ...

bring back good old fashioned sportsmanship, loyalty and that other lovely commodity - modesty ... with a dash of humility on the side

TA may not be perfect but his accusations come off as a spoilt child not getting what he wants and believes he deserves - when things are going his way he is silent


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Sorry for all the posts in a row. I figure it's not so bad once the show is over, and it's what I would have posted at the appropriate times if we were watching at the same time. I love talking about this show, by far my favourite reality show to talk about.
Loving all your comments Meglos...keep them coming

Re the showmance thing...Simmone’s skin is like alabaster ......just saying.


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just sick and tired of listening to Bernard Tomic's sledge about never having lost to Lleyton Hewitt

they played ONCE - he's only been in the position to play him ONCE - it was in 2015 at the US Open - the match went to 5 sets
He saved two match points (so the match was VERY close and he almost lost it)

What he doesn't tell anyone - he went out in 3 sets in the next round (and the last set was a total whitewash 6-1!)
He was seeded 24 in that comp - Hewitt wasn't seeded
Hewitt was retiring that year
Bernard btw is 11 years younger than Lleyton

but the most telling statistics in a head to head comparison of the two players

Career Titles - Tomic 3 Hewitt 30
Career Prize Money - Tomic $5,323,195 Hewitt $20,824,40

little bit of respect needed Mr Tomic don't you think?

you don't hear Hewitt talking about counting his millions
Instead he's trying to mentor young players like Alex Di Minaur
he's TRIED with Tomic - but I think he's tried enough