Episode Day 44 (21/10/14) Eviction #7 and cash self-eviction


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THe best part of Lawson's fake confession was saying he doesn't know what he feels. Did he not just admit love? So, as we all know, cat is planning the wedding, and lawson wants to have sex, and will drop her once out the house. The dumb chick thinks it's real. IDIOT!
The joke is on him because it is going to be over when Cat says it is over. He does not have a say in their "relationship".

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Stop thinking with your dick.

Think with your SOUL.

Speaking of your highness, on tonight's episode when she was in DR and her hair was curly around the top of her head and the back of her chair was glowing it looked like a halo.
And instantly I thought of you Madonna lol.
If I knew how to gif it would make more sense.... sigh....


so the toilet brush tottered out on its cankles... and was even more boring than when in the house..... yawns..... this season is a train wreck; shut it down already


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Sooooo how come $10,000 was a wonderful gift for Priya and she'd pay it on her mortgage and ERMAGERD it was the BEST! And $20,000 isn't enough for her? Interesting.
No, when she took the $10k, she got to stay in the house, but if she takes the $20k, she would have to leave the house and miss out on the chance of taking home the $200k.

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not chilli silly - CHILLY (as in cold) Chilly Bin ...

I still think chilly bin is a better name for it than Eski? (which surely comes from Eskimo ... but why didnt they go for Igloo Box? :p
A major HORRIFIC incident in NZ v EVERY-MOTHERFUCKING-WHERE else, is that stuff, you use, when you used to use (whiteout?) a typewriter, or make a mistake when using a pen... The white paint, or strips in the wee thing, you covered it up with.. Yeah. In NZ it was called Twink.

Imagine my mortification, when clearly around significantly more street-wise (or deviant?) folk at work, when I muttered that "OOPS, I REALLY NEED SOME TWINK". Much hilarity ensued. I had to google. Then I had to google AGAIN to prove that yes, in NZ that really was what it was called, and I wasn't after a Twink.

Shameful all round :-(

Edited to add:

Twink! (NZ)

Twink! (Rest of world)

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Is it just me or are all the intelligent and mature housemates getting evicted now? I really don't want to have the final five as Travis, Skye, Aisha, Jason and Cat. That would actually be like watching a crossover between Play School and Geordie Shore.
Fingers crossed that Prisus stays tomorrow!


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how the hell is this thread at 104 pages already?????

It's only 7pm here in WA... anyone wanna give me the nutshell version???

We had the song BS. Cat is always on the outside (speaks volumes)
Pryia was told to convince someone to leave, Aisha was suggested, she knocked it back. Now Twavvy is in the mix so that pair has been offered $50,ooo to walk, and they get the scantuary to decide.
Sandra got the flick, if she wasn't so Samstrung she might have lasted longer. Skye is still the stupid pick to win. The producers must have some unfilled fantasies.
So, the next evictee is on 17% Could be Priya, David or Jason. I hope it's Jason only because he bores me to tears with the stupid facial expressions and the dibber dobber shit. But maybe the producers think he's worth it. I don't. He could have left the first day and I would have said "who?"
I need a drink now.


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Oh god, I wish I could vote. I'd be throwing some mad votes towards David and Priya. Mostly David, gosh, I want to see so much more from him. Now that the numbers are getting thin, it'd be so good to see how he comes into his own.

Fingers crossed that Dumb and Dumber take the cash.


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What a narcissist. 'Sorry I ruined her life.'

Wow, just wow... speechless on that....

We are still yet to see the big fall out and divide in the house from the 'kiss' except in promos. Was Aisha saying Cat is evil in a show or just from ads?

The self evict, they are stupid not to take it. So they won't take it.

Ryan being saved, I don't understand it because the guy is genuinely very unlikable. I have expressed many times how he's a mean spirit, fake, calculated, mean hearted prick who takes pleasure in other peoples misery. Do I will spare it for now. I however don't place much weight in the most saved.

They should not pass this weeks task. Weren't they meant to make a music video? Not have a BB intern in windows movie maker put together a highlight real of the show?

So clearly they did a shit job and BB is covering them.
I wouldn't call Sandra intelligent and mature.
Compared to Skye, Travis, Cat and Aisha? I would.
I definitely think she has brains about her, she wrote really well in the BB Radio task, even if it was meant to be an erotic novel, the structure of what she was writing wasn't half bad.