Episode Day 44 (21/10/14) Eviction #7 and cash self-eviction


john might've been the walrus, but paul was a cat
Happening tonight in the SANCTUARY.

Alex Mavroidakis enters the house and tells Aisha and Travis to take the fucking money so he still has slightly interesting housemates to work with.


I wouldn't be surprised if they jack it up so both get 50k


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Tim is like "Quick Draw Mcgraw" with his purple marker (although a bit tardish tonight) sorry Tim:p

I was at karaoke tonight so missed the show but bloody stoked as Sandra misery guts is gone.
Sandra was out of her depth. If she hadn't been so needy (like Cat) she would have lasted longer, let loose, had fun. Cat seems to have treated this season like a real life hook-up site.


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Don't know what to think of all this with the no more voting. Sense of inevitability now. I feel a bit sick.
I thought we were going to have more control this year.
We stopped having control of this show years ago.
Bring up the $$$ control goes out the window.
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I don't think Priya is as popular now

and even going by some of the F/B comments she has lost voters.

cat is sooo childish

couldn't wait for her turn with the clothing ect.

I think Lawson doesn't know what he is in for.

I hope travis and Aisha take the money and run they would be fools not too.


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Priya, I love her insight, she can read them housemates, I really hope people save her tomorrow. She's lived up to the level of worship, that has been bestowed upon her.


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I wouldn't be surprised if they jack it up so both get 50k

It's all being made up as they go along, so I wouldn't be surprised. If Ryan had received the second least amount of votes, this would probably not be happening.

The whole bringing Travis (Travis being one of the reasons Aisha would want to stay) in with Aisha and then upping the cash being offered in exchange for BOTH of them self-evicting was so obviously a decision they made up tonight on the spot. Voting was meant to resume... they probably thought whoever Priya chose would take the original offer. Telling Priya to offer it to somebody just "coasting along" says it all.