Episode Day 44 (21/10/14) Eviction #7 and cash self-eviction


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Tonight on Big Brother, with Sandra, Jason, Priya, David and Ryan all nominated for eviction, the LIVE Eviction show will see one of these Housemates saved.

In an Australian Big Brother first, one Housemate will be offered a huge cash incentive to self-evict.

Then, after Lawson and Cat’s passionate embrace and intense words last night, Lawson heads to the Diary Room to offer an explanation and apology to his girlfriend Candice. He tells Big Brother he never intended to hurt her, and never intended or ever thought in his wildest dreams that he would have feelings for somebody else. After his emotional chat with Big Brother he goes to bed and Cat goes to comfort him.

Big Brother’s all-singing Band task continues with Skye and David in the lead roles and Ryan as the creative director. Ryan must style the band and direct the all-important video clip before it is shown LIVE to Australia tonight.

Meanwhile, Aisha is seeing red after Marina’s constant flirting with Travis. Travis thinks it is hilarious. But when he goes to confide in the boys, he realises they have all been noticing it too. What will he do?


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That is a reasonable amount and what I told the mrs I would leave the house for…. I'm sure it will be taken!


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This is the best thing that could happen for people like Priya, Ryan and David.

I reckon any of them 3 should take it and leave this train wreck.

I think skye is super likely to win and for those 3 leaving now would be better than going down with this horrible bb ship.