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Oooo la la.......coming to my town!
Woo hoo, I do hope you will let me show you some of Melbourne's delights......I would love to meet you and your sweet lady worries kxk... we're sorting ourselves out as to when and where and at what time but I will let you know closer to the date for sure sweet lady... cheers.
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The Wanderers
'Guido Van Helten'
ABC, 1:15pm, Sat, 22 Sep 2018, 15 minutes
Guido van Helten ventures to Manildra, in rural New South Wales, to use a working freight train as a canvas and paint a series of local portraits.

Series, Australia, English, Arts & Culture

Awesome artists doing awesome stuff, this is about painting the locals onto the side of freight trains

Similar to the silos artists...........happening everywhere in Aus

I love Banksy and his philosophy.......though kids (adult kids) tell me he is a wanker and hated by cutting edge graffiti artists, C'est la vie

Look what he just did....

Clip above....

Girl with a Balloon auctioned for over 1million pounds, Banksy sets off shredder that is inside the frame

'The urge to destroy is also a creative urge': Banksy strongly hints that he WAS behind the shredding of his iconic painting Girl With Balloon after it SELF-DESTRUCTS moments after it was sold for £1,042,000 at Sotheby's
  • Famous piece Girl With Balloon was ruined by a remote device built in the frame
  • Banksy claimed in video he fitted shredder in case the painting was auctioned
  • Footage captured the moment shocked bidders gasped at the tattered painting
  • The auction house admitted they had been 'Banksy-ed' by the mysterious artist
  • Do you know about Banksy's latest stunt? Email [email protected]

Crazy......this increased the value....and Banksy says...."Can't believe you morons pay for this shit"
I find it a little hard to believe no one else was in on this, but nice prank.

I wonder though, would the shredding even harm the value? Or does it just make the piece more notorious?
what I don't understand is who pays that kind of money for a print of a banksy in the first place - it is not the original piece of art as that was painted on a wall. You can get copies of the Girl with Balloon dead cheap on Ebay - so why is this particular version of it so special?

This is an original stencil art on paper/light canvas, made by Banksy, owned previously by Banksy, sold.......with the device in place so if new owner tried to flog it Banksy could shred it, device is in the frame, framed by Bansky.

It is a statement on intellectual and moral property of artists, who are often broke....but their works keep gaining in value and others profit not the artist.
Moral property provides for artists to partake in the increasing value of their works, they maintain a kind of copyright.
but is it the same picture? Or did the original roll up in a mechanism in the frame and a shredded picture appear?
Really enjoyed that. Never heard of him til that portrait of Vincent popped up on my facebook a while back.
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Oh wow, just saw adds for this fantastic art series starting on the weekend, sounds like heaven:) to me

Civilisations (2018)
The title is a reference to Civilisation, the series written and presented by Kenneth Clark almost fifty years ago. That landmark offered one man's personal view of western European civilisation, from the end of the Dark Ages onwards. It was partly conceived by David Attenborough to demonstrate the potential of colour television. The new series ranges more widely, featuring African, Asian, American, as well as European cultures to explore how human creativity began and developed, how civilisations around the world influenced one another and how artists have depicted the human form and the natural world. For each presenter, the series provides powerful and moving firsthand encounters with art. David Olusoga travels to Nigeria to see the technique behind the Benin Bronzes which he was taken to see in the British Museum as a child. Mary Beard climbs one of the Colossi of Memnon in Egypt which she says she has waited half her life to see up close. In Japan, Simon Schama apologises for his shaking hands as he examines an image he describes as almost perfect...
David Olusoga, Mary Beard, Simon Schama
Series, 2018, Arts & Culture, Documentary, Historical, Society & Culture

'The Second Moment Of Creation'
SBS, 7:30pm, Sat, 1 Dec 2018, 65 minutes
Simon Schama looks at the formative role art and the creative imagination have played in the forging of humanity itself. The film opens with Simon's passionate endorsement of the creative spirit in humanity and the way in which art can help to forge the civilised life.
David Olusoga, Mary Beard, Simon Schama
Series, 2018, United Kingdom, English, Documentary, Arts & Culture, Historical, Society & Culture

'How Do We Look?'
SBS, 7:30pm, Sun, 2 Dec 2018, 70 minutes
Professor Mary Beard explores images of the human body in ancient art, from Mexico and Greece to Egypt and China. Mary seeks answers to fundamental questions at the heart of ideas about civilisations. Why have human beings always made art about themselves? What were these images for? And in what ways do some ancient conventions of representing the body still affect us now?
David Olusoga, Mary Beard, Simon Schama