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Wow, look at this.....a collage to celebrate 30 years of the Louvre glass pyramid........amazing, it is paper stuck on the courtyard



I love this......Fatboy Slim has a special art collection......


Fatboy Slim stages an art exhibition featuring his collection of hundreds of Smileys insisting they are NOT emojis
  • The DJ, real name Norman Cook, has amassed the collection over 40 years
  • Items include a Smiley toaster, cuff links, watches, shoes, and even condoms
  • The image is the logo of Fatboy Slim and he has a tattoo of a Smiley on his arm
  • He has curated a new art exhibition paying tribute to the Smiley and its creator

But the musician, 55, who even has a tattoo of a Smiley, has insisted the image is not the same as an emoji which he says is 'something completely different'.


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I love local history and this was an interesting exhibition. A little bit creepy.

By the way, you can catch a brief glimpse of the unused platform at Central if you look up through the ceiling panels about half way down the escalator to platforms 24 and 25. If unused train platforms are your thing. :bookworm:


Did anyone watch LIFE DRAWING LIVE
Last Saturday, tonight we get the UK original I assume

It was quite good, free art lesson
I loved life drawing when I got to do it decades ago
Best part of fine arts degree I was doing and dropped out of