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ART - works, exhibitions, galleries, etc


Wow, look at this.....a collage to celebrate 30 years of the Louvre glass pyramid........amazing, it is paper stuck on the courtyard



I love this......Fatboy Slim has a special art collection......

Fatboy Slim stages an art exhibition featuring his collection of hundreds of Smileys insisting they are NOT emojis
  • The DJ, real name Norman Cook, has amassed the collection over 40 years
  • Items include a Smiley toaster, cuff links, watches, shoes, and even condoms
  • The image is the logo of Fatboy Slim and he has a tattoo of a Smiley on his arm
  • He has curated a new art exhibition paying tribute to the Smiley and its creator

But the musician, 55, who even has a tattoo of a Smiley, has insisted the image is not the same as an emoji which he says is 'something completely different'.