Speculation: Next week to have not one, not two, but four evictions

Is this Channel 9's biggest stunt yet?

Next week, the week of Monday November 10, will be the second-last full week of the 80 day series, if initial plans haven’t changed. But with 10 housemates left in the house, something needs to be done to shave 7 of the 10 housemates, leaving a final 3 for Wednesday, November 26th (the original finale date). The solution? A Quadruple eviction.

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Evictions will take place next week on Tuesday and Wednesday, but as News Limited reports, each of these evictions will be double evictions, resulting in a net reduction of 4 housemates in 48 hours:

What we do know is that there will be two double live evictions next week, which means four will go next Tuesday and Wednesday nights, leaving six to battle it out for 2014’s winner.

 – Charlotte Willis (TV writer for news.com.au)

However, Alex Mavroidakis (EP) has been quick to rebut news.com.au, saying:

Don’t believe what you read unless it is from an official source . . . there are not two double evictions next week.

Alex Mavroidakis (Executive Producer)

Something will have be done to bring down the numbers or 5 would remain for the Finale, with the assumption that two housemates would be evicted next week (week of November 10) and a further two the week after (week of November 17), leaving six with another evicted on the Monday or Tuesday before the finale.

Sending four new intruders – Richard, Penny, Lina and Tom – into the house so late in the series is a major contributor to the problem of too many housemates and not enough time. Quadruple eviction: yay or nay? Join the discussion over on the forums.

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