“It was her childhood dream to be on television”

Priya has wanted to appear on television all her life and entering the Big Brother house was a dream come true, according to her husband.

In a discussion on our forums, Priya’s hubby Bhushan spilled the beans on Priya’s upbringing and her desire to be on television.


As a kid it was her childhood dream to be on TV. She always wanted to venture in that direction, but it was tough when she was growing up. So I’m letting her follow her dreams.
Nervous? Hell no. She was extremely excited that she had this opportunity to make her dream come true.


She wanted this all her life and I’m so proud of her that she is on it and doing really really well.

Bhushan also reveals Priya was a naughty child but excelled at school where she was an excellent public speaker, award winning debater and all around teachers pet. That love for school continued and drove her to become a teacher. He adds that teaching comes easy for her and her students love her.


But the most important part of Priya’s personality according to Bhushan is her compassion:

She has this side of compassion for others which comes so naturally, and it evolved as she grew. For example she would help kids in school who were weak in studies, helping girls who were not good looking and low in self esteem. Volunteer after school to help those students who had learning disability.


So [standing] behind Gemma (during the first eviction) is a compassionate Priya. She would do it again and again.


As for Priya’s outside interests, her stand up career started around six months ago after a suggestion from one of her students. “She was cracking some jokes in one of her class and one of the students said to her “miss you are so funny I’ll pay to watch you” and that’s how it all started. I’m kinda surprised that we don’t get to see much. But if it’s controversial they won’t air it.” Bhushan says.

And what about Bhushan’s life while Priya is in the house? He admits all of his free time right now goes to supporting Priya and ensuring she is saved each week:

Here is my life in a nutshell…


Save Priya
Fly to Gold coast, fly back from gold coast the days I’m not at work.
The free time I get between all this goes to watching BB, social media and little sleep.


Repeat above every week.


She made us proud, gotta make her proud.

You can follow Bhushan on Twitter at @ObiWanKnobe

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18 thoughts on ““It was her childhood dream to be on television””

  1. You have to remember that english is most likely his second language, and he didn’t intend for it to come across like that. He was trying to describe how Priya takes people under her wing, particularly those girls who don’t quite fit in or feel good about themselves.

  2. I cannot stand her! ever since she enjoyed hurting Aisha in the spa so much and then blamed it on Sam!!! she smiled as she shot the oit l into her eyes. and slapped on that horrid makeup. it was awful.

    she can get her own show if she wants tv. a lot of people are fooled by her.

  3. When its said teaching comes easy to her and her students love her. Its pretty easy to see that she has worked @ a Private School and has not done any time in the Public system.

  4. She doesn’t fool me one bit. She should take a good look at herself instead of being so critical of others and stirring up trouble where it doesn’t exist. She wants the prize, no matter what.

  5. Priya joins in on any and all trash talk against the other housemates- and LOVES playing the victim when she can.

  6. Im sure Bhushan was referring to girls that had little or no self-esteem in how they looked which felt they wernt good looking enough compared to the typical Bollywood glamour look. I was once apon atime an ugly duckling and my senior pupil at school taught me to stand up for my self and believe in me that i was beautiful intelligent and talented… so yeah i dont think it was a joke its a fact of life!!! GO PRIYA YOUR AWESOME :)

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