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Ryan takes the Big Brother 2014 crown

And with that the storm which lasted 80 days and 80 nights is over, just in time for Summer.

Day 80

26 November 2014

Posted by marquisite

Ryan Ginns has won Big Brother 2014, surviving longest in the house and beating the other 2014 finalists Travis Lunardi (runner-up) and Skye Wheatley (third place). With that, Ryan walks away with the $200,000, tax free.

As runner up, Travis won $10,000 cash.

Skye’s consolation prize, in addition to the $5,000 won from a power play, consists of $5,000 cash. Each evictee this year received also received the same denomination but in the form of an online voucher, with the exception of the four from next door (Richard, Tom, Lina and Penny) who did not get any prizes.

2014 preliminary resultsDid somebody say voting results? In a massive oversight, the final voting graph was omitted from the broadcast. The closest thing to this a look at the preliminary voting at 8:45 pm, 30 minutes before lines were permanently closed. These percentages were:

  • 1st Place 36%
  • 2nd Place 33%
  • 3rd Place 31%

UPDATED: It turns out the final result (omitted from the broadcast) had Ryan at 37% of the total votes (Source:

  • Bbau fan

    Omg! I wanted travis to win !

  • Aarmyx

    I don’t think they got vouchers…it was plain cash.

  • Nathan Brown

    Werent tonight’s Appliances Online rewards cash prizes?

  • Nathe

    That’s what I though too??

  • Dann

    I thought it was that too, I thought Appliances Online just was sponsoring the cash.

  • BB Viewer

    Ryan’s win was posted on Jumpin soon after Sky was evicted. Talk about spoiler!

  • ScreamFace

    What ever happened with the wrong phone numbers displayed?

  • Che

    what a surprise… i guess the naked chicken was a game changer lo

  • Kelly

    i wanted richard to win :