Umm… that’s not Travis’ phone number

VOTING SCANDAL: Clued-in Channel 9 viewers have sent in reports to Behind Big Brother that a Vote to Win promo during Weekend Today and again during anĀ Australia vs South Africa cricket telecast contained incorrect voting details for Travis.

Update: As of the morning of Monday 24 November the incorrect promos are still going to air.

An investigation into the voting mix up sees Travis’ voting details have been substituted with Aisha’s. 1902 55 95 01 is Aisha’s deactivated vote to save phone line and anybody who calls this number is told that the voting lines are inactive.

Travis voting details are Aisha's


Compare this with a voting screen from a previous week where voting details were correct, it is clear somebody at Channel 9 has dropped the ball. Just what will Big Brother do with all the unexpected ‘AISHA’ SMS votes?

Travis and Aisha voting numbers

With last week’s eviction result between David and Priya allegedly having “nothing in it” (voting graphs were not shown), it is understandable that Team #TravisBBAU must be furious, especially with the finale and the ultimate grand prize just days away.

Thanks to Behind Big Brother members Electric and Oswin for providing photo evidence.

29 thoughts on “Umm… that’s not Travis’ phone number”

  1. I wonder. Did Travis fans received return messages from Nine Network’s interactive division stating that the voters used the incorrect code to send in their vote to win their favorite housemate?

    I’d like to get their side if ever just to confirm if they unknowingly wasted their phone credits texting the wrong number.

  2. Umm… What unexpected AISHA SMS votes? The SMS number is still correct and no one would have typed AISHA instead of TRAVIS!

  3. We don’t even know if the bottom two were David and Priya. They said it was in no particular order.

  4. That is disgraceful. The voting should be scrapped and started again. It’s OBVIOUS that Alex dick doesn’t want Travis to win!

  5. Mike Goldman indicated in an interview that was published today on TV Tonight that it was neck a neck between David and Priya at the last minute and that they had packages prepared for both of them

  6. I’ve heard a rumor that the final three have already been decided with Ryan coming third..I’m not sure whether or not to believe it but i thought i would voice it on here so at least if it happens there is some proof of it. The source was a family member of one the evicted contestants. The source didn’t mention the other contestants and honestly i couldn’t care less anymore, this season has lost me. The contestants were good, especially Ryan and Travis. But the producers have really ran the show into the dirt

  7. You’re an idiot, do you realise how much trouble Channel 9 would get into if they fraudulently chose a winner.

  8. They can’t rig a competition that relies on votes being payed for by the public… there are checks and independent auditors on hand to make sure everything is legit… it’s not 1800-hire-a-voting-system deal

  9. OMG I am so sad. how can they do this to him?? it is disgusting, I wanted him to win. so sad.

  10. Perhaps when they verify votes they will put any votes to 01 and 16 to Travis? I did hear Alex just yesterday on radio say “…in many ways Travis is the most worthy winner, he is the one who has been exactly the same right from the start…” I mean this is after he said he’s not allowed favourites so obviously that was purely based on him not changing… Either way I doubt this is intentional, its called a mistake – they happen

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