Heidi to get the heave-ho tonight

And the chance of a girl winning is slim

The bookies have picked the evictees correctly all season and they’ve now predicted Heidi will be booted from the house tonight.

heidiLatest odds from Centrebet just before closing the market have Heidi as most likely to go. Tully is second likely, however she’s still lagging a fair way behind:

  • Heidi – $1.30
  • Tully – $3.00
  • Tahan – $8.00
  • Drew – $17.00
  • Ben – $26.00
  • Tim – $34.00

Other betting sites have near identical odds.

It’s looking like Tully is quickly becoming this season’s dark horse, just as Estelle polarised voters and survived eviction after eviction last year.

Meanwhile the odds for winner of the season have changed again. Tim is now the hot favourite and Ben has slipped to second place.

Even though the house contains more women than men, the girls don’t stand a chance at being in the house on the final night according to the odds: Jade does the best coming in fourth place.

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