How much did you spend on voting this year?

$10 to $30 seems about right

Here are some anecdotal facts for you – how much did the average Big Brother viewer spend on voting this season?

According to an anonymous poll on our discussion forums, the vast majority of fans did not spend any money. Out of those who did, it mostly fell between $10 and $30.

A handful of viewers replied that they had spent between $200 to $500, while four others said they had spent more than $1000 voting.

We also asked the question on twitter and received mixed answers:

Interestingly, a few viewers who did not spend any money would have happily parted with their cash if the season had been based on ‘vote to evict’ rather than vote to save:

And finally, many viewers who purposely chose not to spend any money voting would have gladly paid for live internet streaming:

How much did you spend on voting this year, and now that the show has finished – was it worth it? Tell us below or join us in our discussion forums.

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