More Big Brother photoshops

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Thanks to our very talented forum users we bring you some fantastic new Big Brother photoshops. To see more check out our unofficial BB forums!

Sarah and Sonia start things off with a little exercise, by Up_all_night

Up_all_night also brings us this great movie poster

Mudlark shows something we’re sure George is doing every day, but it’s not being shown by the cameras:

Mudlark also captured a moment from Zoe’s dreams…

It’s creepy how well these Big Brother housemates fit into this movie poster. It’s by Mr Stickyfingers

Up_all_night reminds us that one black box can change the context completely

Ryan’s next career step? By Wildcode

Coight has made Stacey live her dream

And some fans aren’t happy about it

Some CREEPY things have been happening in the noms room. By Up_all_night

Did you know Sarah is 30? By the way she’s 30. Pawlini reminds us. Also, Sarah is 30.

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