Day 37

8.01am – Bradley is running the first shift on Double B FM – “the shipping report”. He has to read weather conditions for a shipping harbour: “Tasmania is in for a fairly stormy day” etc. etc.

All female housemates are called to the diary room. Ava hugs Josh goodbye before leaving. In the diary room BB tells them to go make themselves look pretty: “total glamour”. The hot water is turned on for the girls only.

In the Captains Quarters Sam says he’s most intrigued by Estelle because she has a cheeky smile. Zoe says it would be cute if the girls are thrown a nice luncheon, which Ben is sad about not joining. Ben is already on to what is happening – he’s predicted the girls have to pull a male intruder out of the Captains Quarters.

All housemates are called to the living room and Ben is called to the radio studio, where’s asked to host a show called “Date Watch” – a one off live special event giving commentary on events unfolding in the Big Brother house. In the Captains Quarters Sam is asked which girl he wants to to have his “first course” with. Zoe is summoned. Meanwhile Ben is reading a commentary script over the radio, and shown footage from the Captains Quarters.

Zoe and Sam meet, and Zoe is very flustered. The housemates are eventually shown Zoe on the TV screen and everyone goes silent. The footage then switches to Sam and all the girls scream – Angie starts fanning herself “oh he’s smoking”. Her eyes glass over.

12.22pm – The date with Zoe continues. They realise they have mutual friends from regional Australia, Sam’s ex girlfriend from high school is friends with Zoe. Big Brother announces there is one minute left on their date. In the radio studio Ben predicts that Sam is a metrosexual guy with great manners. Zoe joins the other housemates and is very excited that she knows the same people as Sam. The girls all scream.

Ava is next, Ben commentating that she looks sexy and reserved at the same time. The watching housemates keep commenting that Sam is very tall. Josh looks uncomfortable. Ava and Sam’s chat is very flirtatious. Sam says that the big scar on his head was from a conjoined twin when he was born.

Layla is next. She comments his accent isn’t very strong for an Australian. Ben commentates that Layla plays dumb but is actually very intelligent. Layla tells Sam that Angie is frothing.

Angie arrives and tells Sam he looks handsome. She sits on her leg in a weird angle, while the other girls tell the TV screen “Angie, put your lady leg down”. They cringe at Angie’s body language. Ben commentates that Angie is not looking at Sam in the eye because she really likes him “she would love to use this man as a pawn in her game with Josh”.

Stacey enters – she hasn’t seen the Captains Quarters before. The chemistry is far less awkward than Sam with Angie. Stacey clarifies that the other housemates can only see them, not hear them, so “just pretend I just said something really funny”. Sam fakes a big laugh and the other housemates all cheer for Stacey’s joke.

2.58pm – Final date, Estelle. By this point all of the male housemates have left the living room and it’s only the girls watching. Sam comments that everyone looks different to their photos. The chemistry is far better than the other housemates, and the girls all look suspicious.

After the dates Sam decides who he wants to meet for an after-lunch coffee. He picks Estelle. This time the other housemates can hear the date as well as see it (unknown to Estelle), which makes them feel uncomfortable. Afterwards Estelle brings Sam into the rest of the house, and in making sleeping arrangements it turns out that Sam will sleep next to Estelle. He’s then given a tour of the rest of the house.

A bit later, Layla explains to Zoe that she felt Sam was being cold to her. While on his coffee date with Estelle he said he “didn’t know what to think of Layla”. Layla is also concerned about how much unnecessary drama is going on because she knows George will be going back to his ex after he leaves the house, so why is she hooking up with him?

4.33pm – Back to the radio task, George, Sam and Zoe are hosting the “rural wrap-up”. It’s a bit clunky and their first question from a listener is “is it ok to eat roadkill?”. Sam says that kangaroo tastes good and if he sees one on the side of the road with a good leg in it he’ll probably pick it up. Zoe reminds listeners that they need to check that it’s clean and not diseased first. The next caller is Bob Katter, (a real member of parliament who has very right wing views). They HMs don’t know who he is, but ask what he loves about the country. He replies that he loves the height of the gumtrees and the kangaroos that live near his house.

6.24pm – Michael is feeling weird about now having Sam in the house – “he seems fairly switched on to know what’s going on in the house”. Michael is mostly silent when Stacey says Sam is pretty cool. Ben previously told BB in the diary room that Michael bases his opinion on guys a lot by physical appearance.

Layla is telling George that she’s over Angie and Angie wrapping Layla around her finger. There are constant disagreements and Angie speaking in Layla’s face. George suggests that Layla start hanging out with the other girls some more, and Layla is keen to spend time learning more about Estelle.

Outside some of the girls are having a bitch about Ava, especially Stacey who complains that Ava didn’t “take her iron mask” she took “Estelle’s stinking iron mask”. Just at that moment Ava appears right next to them and says “it’s getting chilly out here” and offers the girls some cut apple. They look uncomfortable.

Michael tells Josh he’s finding all these new people too much because it spins the house into fakeness and everyone goes back into “initial person” and he can’t be bothered doing that. He can’t be bothered speaking to Sam today. Ben says that’s fine because Sam isn’t some DVD that we need to return within a short amount of time.

6.12pm – Josh has challenged Sam to a handstand competition, but then suddenly realises what he’s got himself into when Sam stands on his hands for 35 seconds. Josh manages 3 seconds.

7.11pm – Stacey is hosting “The Scoop with Stacey” on Double B FM. She gives her thoughts on Sam “I think Angie has really taken a shine to Rambo Sambo”. “Ava and Josh, yes they are so cute – is it love? – they have both started dressing like Britney and Justin in the triple denim days, they are lumberjack lovers”. She then goes on to say Michael is not taking Sam’s entrance very well because he’s no longer the alpha male character.

Later in the night Michael comes to the diary room and explains that Sam has mixed things up in the house for no reason and Ava has not brought any substance to the house either. She has a faux-niceness – she’s beautiful but she has the personality of a scratched Country Practice DVD. “Maybe she’s just VHS and I haven’t been able to read her properly”.

Meanwhile Ava and Josh are making out in the pool.

12.29am – Sam is in the diary room and is asked about his time so far in the house. He says Estelle seemed the most intriguing at the beginning he could see there was quite a bit more to her. Later he’s in the kitchen alone with her and asks more about her. He says it’s really easy to speak with her. Estelle comments that things have changed and suddenly she’s the ‘Big Sister’ of the house. Sam makes various comments about Estelle’s rings, then questions her about her exes. He mentions he’s never had a serious girlfriend.

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