Day 36

8.01am – Ava and Josh are waking up together, but Ava doesn’t want to cuddle. Instead she goes over to Estelle’s bed and gives her a wake up hug. Zoe tells some of the girls she’s feeling very stressed out about “Big Brother in general”. She goes to the diary room to talk about it. Turns out the issue is Angie – Zoe is sick of Angie gossiping and bitching with the girls, and it scares her. There are other issues too: Zoe genuinely likes Estelle but the rest of the house hates her and it makes her feel out of place. She’s also one to not speak up so she’d rather speak to Ben or Big Brother about it.

Later on Ben gives Zoe a prep talk that she should make an effort to get to know Estelle and that will lead an example for all the other housemates.

Even later on the housemates’ task is introduced by some radio personalities – they must run “Double B FM”. A radio studio has been set up in the old parlour room. First up is Josh and Michael hosting a ‘mens issues’ show. Michael reads from a script and does a fairly good job but Josh is a bit flakey. Their first caller asks “how long should you wait in a relationship before saying ‘I love you’?” Josh says you can’t put a number on it – when the feeling is right, the feeling is right. Michael corrects – oh no he meant six hours. The caller says six hours seems a bit short but if it’s right it’s right. Michael ends the segment with an improv “Michael and Josh” song.

9.18am – Zoe, Layla and Stacey are discussing Estelle. Apparently Angie came up with a theory that Estelle is in the “second phase of a game plan”, and Layla agrees. Zoe looks uncomfortable with that idea, then goes on to explain her worries about being excluded from the girls because of all the gossiping.

Meanwhile Estelle is in the diary room saying she’s now enjoying herself now that she has Ava. She believes her, Ava and Josh have things in common.

Later on Angie, Layla and Zoe discuss a new intruder. They agree that George would get really annoyed if a new hot male intruder entered the house. They joke that Layla would get with the intruder. Angie wants a hot guy to look at.

2.58pm – Ava and Estelle are hosting their radio segment “talk time”. Their caller is a very old man Albert who is trying to find his cat Terrance Trent Darvey. Through the conversation it turns out he put the cat in his washing machine and it came out as an orange shawl. When the old man realises what they’re implying he gets angry and hangs up on them.

Later it’s Ben and Stacey’s turn to host Double B FM. They’re hosting the “Hot House” show, which is all about gossip and bitching. The segment is fashion, Stacey says Angie is really going for the “GC Barbie look”. Ben adds there is a “blonde bombshell” inspiration, such as Kylie Minogue while she was shopping at Supre. They switch to their first caller, who is Ray (just evicted) who asks them what they thought of Ray in the house. Ben says he was quite fashionable, and Stacey says he was bit of a gorilla “you little gasbag Ray”. “He’s a very shirts off at festivals kind of guy”.

8.32pm – Nominations have just finished and Estelle is distraught that she received 19 points. Ben leads her into the bathroom to chat about it, and reassures her that she’s done this before and will get through it. Bradley is also feeling the nominations heat, he jokes “third time lucky you might finally get rid of me”. Estelle continues crying, saying that she’s nice and her intentions are good. Bradley realises that his bed is cursed – it’s causing his nominations. Estelle suddenly runs outside and runs around the pool in the rain.

Later George is in the diary room and tells BB it would be interesting to know who gave him four points for nominations (he could see it this week because he had the super power, and it was Michael who gave it to him).

In the kitchen the housemates realise it’s halfway through the show, and Angie suspects another intruder will come soon. Bradley keeps making jumpy comments about him being nominated.

Josh (not serious): Yeah Brad we clearly hate you.

Bradley (loudly): Yes but not as much as you hate Estelle!

Everyone in the kitchen tells Bradley to shut up. Because Estelle walks in with Ava just at that moment. Josh quietly tells Bradley to pull his head in. Bradley is then called to the diary room where he is asked to clean the fish tank without speaking to his fellow housemates.

It’s not long before Surly starts talking to Bradley, and tells him there’s a male intruder in the Captains Quarters. Bradley is asked to take a briefcase from the diary room containing photos of the girls into the Captains Quarters. In the diary room Bradley is told to put on a blindfold, and he’s led through the camera runs by a staff member.

11.07pm – Footage of intruder Sam is shown in the Captains Quarters (wearing no shirt). He’s described as an aspiring restaurant owner (he’s actually a waiter). The other housemates have noticed Bradley has been missing a long time, and they predict he may have taken nominations really bad. In reality Bradley has just entered the Captains Quarters from the camera run and suddenly meets Sam. Bradley is very nervous and keeps stuttering.

Sam makes a point of saying he hasn’t seen any episodes of Big Brother before (that’s questionable). Bradley runs through all of the girls from their photos:

Ava – She’s 29, she looks so much younger. She’s extremely fit and extremely good looking. One of the most attractive housemates. She’s become quite close to male housemate, I’m not sure how much I can tell you about that. “All of her is, so good”.

(Meanwhile Michael, Josh and Angie are agreeing that Ava needs to spend more time with the other housemates and not just Estelle)

Estelle – She’s the most confusing people you will meet in your whole life. She’s an equestrian rider. Comes from a poor family but owns two houses. We have a theory that Estelle and Ava could be a couple. She is a puzzle and we have not solved her yet.

Layla – She’s become quite tight with another male housemate, she’s off the radar.

Zoe – A country girl. She has shed a tonne of weight she’s lost a good ten or so kilos.

Stacey – She goes off, she sings songs, she’s so much fun.

Angie – 21, from the Gold Coast. She became quite tight with a guy in the house but then it sort of went south so she’s probably single but I think she’s still a bit attached to that guy.

Bradley asks “do you have anything else you want to know about the girls”. Sam doesn’t, then tells Bradley he surfs and is very active. After a bit of idle chit chat, Big Brother announces it’s time for Bradley to leave the Captains Quarters but must leave the photos “for Sam to analyse further”.

Bradley tells Sam “have fun with those pictures, but not too much fun”.

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