Was Layla imported from the UK?

On air slip of the mouth raises questions

Layla interview

Layla interviewUpdate: This audio happened in the parlour, not on stage with Sonia.

Hot on the heels of rumours that Ryan and Estelle were hired through a casting agency, new questions are being raised about whether Layla was imported specifically for Big Brother.

During the launch show taping on Sunday night, Layla let slip in the parlour that she auditioned in England. When the other girls gave a confused response, Layla quickly corrected herself:

Other HMs: (inaudible question, girls laugh)

Layla: Well, cos like I auditioned in England… and was like…

Other HMs: You what!?

Layla: … what?

Other HMs: What?

Layla: Oh… to go on in England (UK Big Brother)

The segment was never played when the launch was televised on Monday night. According to her interview with Sonia, Layla moved to Brisbane in February. Big Brother auditions were held there in April.

Was she plucked from overseas by producers not content with Australian auditionees or is she simply a reject from Big Brother UK? You decide – here is the raw audio from Sunday night’s taping (with thanks to E.D.):

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