Day 1

7:15am: Bradley is lying on a couch in the outside sitting area. Sarah comes out and joins him but as she does Bradley is sick. Sarah guides him inside and tells him to lie down on the inside couches. Sarah also informs Big Brother than Bradley is feeling unwell. She then makes him some dry toast for him to eat. Michael is the next housemate to come out from the bedroom and takes a few seconds to adjust to the light – meanwhile Sarah and Bradley play imaginary phone calls and Bradley gets to speak (very briefly) with his mother. As Sarah continues to make Bradley comfortable he mentions that she is like his mother. Meanwhile in the bathroom Michael says he had the worst sleep ever – Angie thought it was great though.

Bradley has made his diary room and explains that he is feeling a lot better than he was earlier this morning. He thinks stress and not eating much bought on his sickness. He says he was stressed the week leading into coming into the house. Now he is in the house he is feeling comfortable.

No time stamp: Michael is saying that he went to boarding school – his parents moved to Qatar because he works in oil. He says there is lots of money in oil – however he also says there is much more important things in life than money. A bit later Stacey and Estelle grill Bradley – he reveals that he has never had a girlfriend because he couldn’t get one. The girls think that once he gets out he’ll get plenty of attention.

A bit later a larger group is sunbaking on the lawn – Angie asks if anyone has broken the law. Josh admits to being drunk and disorderly once upon a time.

Josh is trying to light the pizza oven. Zoe and Stacey can’t believe that he is 28 years of age. They think he looks like Shaggy off Scooby Doo and looks more like 20 He comes to the kitchen to tell them that he has started the fire. Stacey and Zoe both can’t wait to get the final 4 male housemates. Back out at the pizza oven, Josh is trying to show off to Angie who is reluctant. She eventually comes over to see. Bradley says that’s a huge flame, Angie says it’s tiny.

Estelle and Stacey are in the bedroom and Estelle says that she totally ‘gets’ her and she feels they are ‘soul sisters’. They hug. Back outside Charne is trying not to get burnt – her dad has sun cancer so she tries to be very careful. Layla asks how he is and Charne says “oh he’s fine now…he’s just dead!” She says it’s been seven years so she has learnt to cope with the death but at the time she was devastated.

Zoe has come to the diary room – she says that everyone is getting on and laughing. She says there are many big personalities – she believes she is quieter than she usually would but she doesn’t like talking over the top of others. She says that Angie doesn’t mind talking over the top of others – she also says that Charne is quieter but can have a great conversation one on one.

Angie and Layla are talking near the pool – Layla is saying she is trying to lose some weight but still wants her boobs. She says if she loses too much in a couple of years she might get a boob job.

It’s now night-time and Angie, Michael and Zoe are trying to teach Layla to just say ‘Stralia’ in an Aussie accent – she doesn’t quite do it very well!

12:36am: Zoe is asleep and snoring loudly – the rest of the house are laughing at her while she sleeps. Bradley tries to wake her up but to no avail. Lights are turned off and everyone drifts off to sleep.

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