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BB gets in on the act and releases photos from inside

Playing catch-up to our reveal of the first BB aerial photo five days ago, Big Brother has posted some shots of the under-construction house taken down at ground level.

Of course there isn’t much they will let us see at this point, but the photos do provide some insight into the new house.

The most noteworthy image is a large window/arch structure in the corner of the backyard to the side of the back door. It’s elevated well above ground level – will this be some kind of loft or balcony? Australia has never had a Big Brother house with a true second story.

Other images reveal a round swimming pool (could it be in the shape of the BB eye?) and a curved section of roof/overhang. There’s also a very ordinary-looking tile roof. Is that even in the house or is it just some other random Dreamworld building?

You can see all the pics here (Facebook account not required).

A reveal like this is certainly an unusual move by producers so far out from launch night, is it a sign of a more open Big Brother in the weeks leading up to the series?

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