Day 32

Travis is doing his own washing (because he has shingles) and is also keeping an eye on Ollie. Big Brother tells Alice, who is sleeping, that since the dog is eating anything he can get his hands on at the moment, she will have to get up.

Alice comes to the diary room and tells Big Brother that Travis isn’t deliberately leaving Ollie alone on purpose, it’s just the way Travis goes about life. He wouldn’t get dressed unless told to do so. Alice says that she is loving the task and spending time with Ollie. Meanwhile, Travis in the kitchen says he hasn’t even read the Dog manual book. He says he simply hasn’t had the time to do so. Renee can’t believe it.

Nobbi and Rory both suggest that Alice is definitely playing the game, but both agree that she isn’t hiding it very well. Renee lets Alice know that Travis hasn’t had time to read the manual, and Alice repeats what she told Big Brother.

Alice is training Ollie and asking it to stay and sit, getting quite angry at the dog. Ollie eventually comes to where Alice wants him to walk. Travis brings up the fact that some people in the house are laughing at him rather than laughing with him to Nobbi and Rory. Nobbi and Rory say they aren’t laughing at him, they are simply his mates. Nobbi does admit that some things Travis says they do laugh at, but all mates do that.

Nobbi is called to the kombi van. Big Brother tells Nobbi that recently he warned to lower their levels of profanity. Big Brother tells him that last night when speaking he was using profanity every few words. As punishment, he must clean all the windows in the backyard. It’s also raining quite heavily outside. Nobbi wonders if he swears a lot, and Travis says that he swears a lot more passionately than most others.

3:26pm: Rain is still falling so Nobbi puts garbage bags on and jumps flat first into the turf to amuse the rest of the housemates. Inside Alice tells Renee that she just can’t talk to Travis today. She says she can’t put up with stupid questions any longer. Renee says she would rather he say that he doesn’t like her. Alice agrees.

Travis says that everyone has catchphrases and words or phrases they like to use to kick off speaking. They wonder how Travis would send a message to a girl he slept with the night before. He says he would start with “G’day” and everyone laughs. Renee comes and gives a pat to Ollie.

9:59pm: Housemates call Terri a witch and Terri takes offence to that. Terri says that Brigitte has called her a witch sixty times since they’ve been here. Brigitte imitates a witch. Terri says that he would like to give Brigitte another brain. Brigitte chucks food at Terri, and Terri flings some back!

11:52pm: Nobbi is in the kombi but it’s wet inside the van and he is complaining to himself. Nobbi tells the others than his van is leaking and there’s no way of stoping it. He tells them he’ll sleep outside somewhere. Big Brother tells Nobbi that because of the rain he can sleep inside for tonight, and tonight only. He tells Nobbi that he can sleep just inside the door of the house in a 2-meter square radius and Big Brother pulls down the roller down so he can’t see out. He tells Big Brother that it’s a bit like jail. Brigitte brings Ollie to the strategy room and tells the dog that she wants Rory to go. Brigitte says that he spells like crap. Later, Renee talks to Ollie and tells the dog that if Terri is up for eviction, she’ll vote for her. Terri tells the dog that if Renee is up she’ll vote for her.